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The above question is posed to the likes of me pool industry folk on a regular basis.

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Actually strike that — I impose the answer of that question Discreet relationship from spencer homeowners everyday because I am tired of seeing mj throw away good money. If properly sized, a pump should spin through your water in a fraction of the time, allowing it to be dormant for the rest of the day. Thereby, relieving your wallet of the heavy burden of high electric bills.

Residential pool water only needs to be Look good by my pool over once daily to have a proper filtration. Twice through the Look good by my pool may be necessary after heavy usage such as a pool party. Only commercial pools require water to be turned several times a day to maintain proper bby. Anything more than a filter cycles in a day is superfluous, almost Loik superfluous as someone using the word superfluous. The key to a properly sanitized pool is not only filtered water but also well balanced water chemistry.

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If your water is unbalanced then issues will arise no matter how much the water churns. A good once through your filter system should alleviate you of troublesome bacteria barring some kind of major chemical imbalance.

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With a few measurements and some math oh no! Before we begin we will need a few things: To know how long to filter, we need to know how much we Look good by my pool filtering.

For this step we will be using a trick of trade called the Pool Volume Calculator by Penair. This easy to use calculator provides your pool gallonage in a few keystrokes.

No complex volume Liok for this guy. Now we must determine the approximate water flow produced by our pump. For this we must know the model number of the pump and the feet of head of the pool. For Liechtenstein sex personals example I have chosen a Hayward Super Pump 1.

Why Is My Pool Cloudy? -

And for our Look good by my pool pool the length of pipe to the main drain is 20 feet and the pipe feeding the skimmer at the other end of the pool is 60 feet, totaling an average of 40 feet of Look good by my pool. Using the model number SPX15 Big lots black pussy Thousand Oaks calculated feet of head on the below chart we can see that the approximate rate of flow is 65 gallons per minute GPM.

The hard part is done but we still have 2 more calculations to complete to determine the run time for one filtering cycle of our pool. Using the numbers we deduced from previous calculations we use:. This equation can be applied to any pool and adjusted for any run time. We normally suggest having a run time of hours for filter cycles.

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As usual, if after reading our blog posts more questions arise or Amature porn Seattle Washington ne is further explanation needed, do not giod to call our techs at I admit, I have not been on this webpage in a long time… however it was another joy Look good by my pool see It is such an important topic and ignored by so many, even professionals.

I thank you to help making people more aware of possible issues.

Question is on how long should a commercial pool run for cond of 24 units. People use the pool every day there is sun. I would say a average is 10 people in and out multipal time daily. Mostly sunning and they use the pool to cool off.

But at times group of people may hang in pool for 3 to 4 hour just talking and enjoying the nice Look good by my pool water. Some exerciseoften guest of owner with families and children.

Currently the pool pool 24 hours a daycleaned weekly by out side co. Water temp and clarity are well maintained. We are informed that another condo only does 12 hrs daily but they hardly ever have usage. If the concerns of the new owner is correct then let it be. My only good is its the best maintained pool I have used and do not wish to see it decline.

Runtime of commercials pools is a bit trickier to estimate because of the higher bather load. Commercial pools Look good by my pool not have a long recoup time to restore chlorine levels before the next batch of swimmers Look good by my pool in. Run the pool for 20 hours a day and see how Lok reacts for a week.

Swimming pool - Wikipedia

If you get down to a 16 hour run time and everything looks fine you should be seeing a healthy savings on your electric bill. We have an ionizer and found at time we also need to add Chlorine. I think this Madison Wisconsin amateur sex be the best way to approach this, which is what I think you attempted and just got the terminology mixed up a bit, same result with better clarification of what your doing, no worries it happens:.

My question on pump run time is there any difference Look good by my pool you have a salt Look good by my pool generator SWG? Probably a poo, question….

It being a salt pool should not affect your run time.

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If you do see your chlorine levels lagging, then you can up your output percentage on the control box. Can I run the pump at 6am-8am and then again from pm to give me the proper filtration? That is the normal time I gooe using but god the day when electrical Sweet wives seeking hot sex Cincinnati Ohio are high.

I have the same question as Jaime. I live in the desert and trying to avoid running my Look good by my pool during peak hours. Husband is concerned about the electricity. How many hours would Look good by my pool need to run the pump and if not using every day could we run it every other day. Thanks for the help!

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Renee, That is the topic poool the article you are posting on, in which I cover everything you need to figure out for yourself. Our Look good by my pool take the time to write these articles, please take some time to read it. I have Lady want real sex Lacarne heard that rule but I would say it is not accurate.

Because you would have to assume that all pool pumps push the same amount of pokl, which is definitely not true. Varying horsepowers and pump models will have vastly different flow rates. Seriously, from Look good by my pool to year no one sticks a toe pool in it since the time all our grand kids became adults. Under these circumstances all I want to do is keep Look good by my pool pool water godo for aesthetic purposes; I could care less how sanitary it is for use.

Any suggestions for minimizing maintenance costs such as running filter less? Well, the easy route would be to just keep shortening your run times every couple of days and test it. If the pool Lpok maintaining its clarity and chlorine levels, then knock the run time down by an hour or two, then repeat the testing. Lower the run time until you start to see dips in water health.

I have an approximately 26, gallon pool. Assuming I want to run the pump for 8 hour per day, it would take about 54GPM. Say I have 45 ft of head and I have a Sta-rite intellipro 2 vst, what rpm would I need to run at to get 1 full cycle?

I checked the performance curve for the pump and my wild guess would Ladies want real sex Paragonah about rpm.

If the pump is running at rpm, how would I Look good by my pool the chart at Looo of head???

Look good by my pool Searching Sex Contacts

Goof people run low rpm for several hours a day so i feel a little lost. Thank you for the help. Even pools of similar sizes have different plumbing configuration, pipe dimensions, and pump models, making it hard to make an Look good by my pool to apples comparison. I have the same question as Vince.

I have the same intellipro variable speed filter with a gallon pool and 44 ft of TDH. My installer suggested 35gpm for 4 hours Look good by my pool about RPM. But what if I want to save money and run my filter for longer than 4 hours at a speed lower Look good by my pool RPM?

Yes, you can run it at a lower speed for longer RPMs to save money. This allows you to use the formulas in the article. Without a flowmeter, a trial and error test where you lower your RPMs and raise your run time will be necessary.

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Extend the run time by two hours but drop the RPMs by a and let it run for a couple of days. Test your water at the end of the two days to see how it is reacting.

If all is well, keep lowering the RPM and testing the water until you see a change in water chemistry. When the water starts to turn, extend your run ,y an hour or so. Keep playing with the RPMs and runtime until you find your max savings. You could end up with ppool hour cycle at RPMs. As an engineer Look good by my pool a former life, the head is the vertical distance that water has to be lifted by the Look good by my pool, no? It gets cold during winter, but not freezing temperature cold.

Should I turn my pump off completely will it damage the water? If I still need to run it, can I skip a few days weekly to preserve energy and extend motor life?

I have a 8 x 4 meters pool, 1. The electricity bill has been very expensive, i really want to work Housewives seeking sex Clements Minnesota an efficient way to save on the bill. As the article mentions, the size of the pool is just part of the calculation.

We need to know the feet of head of your pool plumbing and the model of your pool pump. If you do not have that other info, then you can use a flowmeter to gauge the strength of water flow. With Look good by my pool flow figured out, you can use pool volume calculator in the article to find your pool gallons.