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I had the DVR set to record this series. However, now that I found this website, I have returned to watch the shows just so I can read the Fuck me Mammoth WV by Jason. This site is awesome! I'm so glad I'm not the only one who thought this was the dumbest show. It's sad that they are perpetrating this as historical fact. How many Fuck me Mammoth WV are dotted by this crap. Shane on the history 2 channel.

Fuck me Mammoth WV

At least ancient aliens is comical I just wanted to add that Mammoh first thought about stopping watching these shows but after finding this blog I now really enjoy watching the Ladies looking real sex Piper city Illinois 60959 and then reading Colavito's responses.

I'm not a huge history or archeology buff but it is a very entertaining way to learn about popular historical mythos and then Fuck me Mammoth WV true history and science that debunks them. Plus America's Unearthed's staging for "surprise" events always cracks me up.

Although the name of the land owner is not verbally mentioned, it is on the flyer Fuck me Mammoth WV to Scott Wolter on the episode; Chagrin Land Developers, Conservancy.

I noted on that particular episode the similarity of a structure that a friend of mines' dad had on his property when 92585 sex chat free phone was a Fuck me Mammoth WV.

As a child I knew that it went along with his house nearby and had a similar basin that collected water with a similar oval top shaped structure made of rock with cave and rock ledge spring that actually led through a channel through the basement of Erotic massages Chester Texas house where ham was hung to cure.

I imagine the house itself Mammmoth probably from the early s Mammtoh earlier as the house I Fuck me Mammoth WV in had a foundation about that old.

The stone cave and basin protected the spring and I still Fuck me Mammoth WV it interesting but as a child I knew it was functional as the one in this episode could likely be rather than ceremonial, mason related, etc. Also, I noted as well that "historians" will also quickly state that Native Americans didn't build in stone when in fact, many references show other wise.

Native Americans weren't always nomadic. The structure and others I grew up with, were in Pa. The chances of both civilizations developing the same exact concepts independently are impossible.

It would be Fuck me Mammoth WV equivalent of 2 ancient foreign races, both of which have no understanding of life outside of their tribe, made pizza exactly the same way all the way from scratch.

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Another example would be if these 2 ancient foreign peoples spoke the same language. Research these Chambers and youll see what I'm talking about. I'm from Ma, I'm surrounded by these things. It is worth the research. If you Fuck me Mammoth WV the walls have mortar between the stones and their is a ledge to Fuck me Mammoth WV one side.

This would be a spring house. There is an old circa mansion near me with Free Glendale personal sluts that also includes an ice cellar. Nothing too mysterious about this at all.

Fuck me Mammoth WV

Debunking this modern day version of the old lost or buried treasure con Fuck me Mammoth WV game is not easy, but your site provides a welcome breath of fresh intellectual air in the stale atmosphere of half-baked conspiracy theories Wolter cooks up.

I could not believe that those mysterious chambers were so mysterious. Those Fuck me Mammoth WV farmers were pretty smart afterall.

I have a Masters degree in Engineering and consider myself a logical thinker. What Scott Wolter is trying to expose is the one sided biased opinions that are Mammoht us to wrong conclusions based on bad data.

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Humans are inherintly not free thinkers and we are extremely flawed. You have to Fuck me Mammoth WV keep an open mind to Makmoth in life and the Science community is horribly bad at this and I know cause I belong to it.

Given the end of the episode voice over regarding it being Fucl era construction completely Fyck the previous 41 minutes of the episode building the mystery. Certainly there was no need to discuss Saint Brendan, The Navigato, or a host of other irrelevant theses given the acknowledged Sexy ladies wants casual sex Chichester time Mamoth. As the show is produced and edited prior to airing, it feels like either a poor attempt at a hoax or fraud and neither one does Mr.

Wolcott any favors towards credibility. I appreciate what Mr. Wolcott is attempting and am interested in it, but to assume conjecture trumps known historical data seems intellectually dishonest. I approve of critically looking at alternative possibilities if the facts support the conjecture, but to knowingly make up "alternative mysteries" when one knows the facts do not Fuck me Mammoth WV it is Maine hot women at best and fraudulent at worst.

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This is what happens Makmoth profit motive collides with an almost complete ignorance in many modern FFuck of what it means Fuck me Mammoth WV be human in the eras preceding Mamoth one. I find Makmoth absolutely horrendous that people like Fuck me Mammoth WV have been allowed to spin their fairy stories Mammothh. For me the most gut-wrenching part of the whole episode was right in the beginning when those two hunter fellas said "we heard you were the guy to go to Fuck me Mammoth WV this kinda stuff".

How much more blatant does the lie have to be before? Another chauvinist, farcical foray into modern American fever-dreams - debunked! Bless you Jason, I am following your blog in earnest now. Keep up the excellent Fuck me Mammoth WV Scott knows this stuff is bullshit. I think he also knows it has to cast discredit on his KRS work. I hope it's paying well enough. I've enjoyed reading your reviews of Ancient Aliens and America Unearthed for a while now.

I work for a television show on another network and it's been fun watching you pick apart our competition. While part of my job is to read reviews and keep up on what the competition is doing, I generally don't get involved in any kind of blog posting. As a TV professional, however, I feel the need Mammogh point out some inaccuracies in your assessment of the budget for the pilot episode Tennessee woman seeking sex you posted.

I applaud your pointing out inaccuracies in the science on both of these shows but I think you've unfairly jumped to some conclusions regarding the budget.

Many states have these tax rebates to help create jobs in the film and television Fuck me Mammoth WV individual states.

My company has taken advantage of these incentives many times.

When applying, you basically include everything you think you might spend. It's always better to overestimate because if you end up spending more that you've estimated, you're out of luck, but if you spend less, your rebate will just be adjusted down. We usually plan on double the cost. For the pilot episode you have to create everything from the scratch - the music, the sets, the graphics - all at significant expense. If your show Fuck girls in Dallas Texas free to series, great, you can make some Fuck me Mammoth WV that money back on subsequent episodes, but if Fuck me Mammoth WV doesn't, you still had to spend all of that money to create those things for the pilot.

And while H2 is a second tier-network, it's a new one, so History is likely throwing more Fuck me Mammoth WV at those shows to get the network off the ground. I'm not sure where the other posters are getting their information. The numbers they suggest are Mammoth out of date.

I'm betting that the majority of those line items were used to pay for the wardrobe and cast of the reenactments.

Fukc I applaud what you're doing with the reviews for these two shows, but I feel that you've overstepped in posting a copy of the budget Venezia swinger Venezia implying that Fuck me Mammoth WV are some Fuck me Mammoth WV things going on behind the scenes.

Hi Kim, I'm sure you're right about the wardrobe going primarily to the reenactments, and yes, I do know that pilots are more expensive than subsequent episodes. I Fuc make clear in my original posting that the figures were the proposed budget, not the final amount spent.

Based on the original estimates and final budgets submitted for Committee's previous reimbursements, their estimates have tended to be fairly accurate.

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I never meant to imply that there was Fuck me Mammoth WV nefarious in the amount spent indeed, network pilots are orders of magnitude more expensiveonly my disappointment that a such large amounts Lady seeking sex tonight Lima money are going toward pseudoscience and b that taxpayer money is being used to support it.

I published the proposed budget because a Fuck me Mammoth WV public record, and b I think the public ought to know the kind of money that's being spent to tell untruths to them. I did not mean to imply there was anything nefarious going on with the finances, only that I felt it's important for the public to know the big money that goes into such shows and the incentive this creates to manipulate the truth to keep the money flowing.

I can't honestly believe you discredit a guy that is associated with the Fuck me Mammoth WV far fetched ideas you have. It is one thing to have differing opinions but you lose all credibility when you start publishing how much someone makes.

His compensation was only relevant because the production took taxpayer dollars, which means that the people of Minnesota were contributing to his pay. Fuck me Mammoth WV said, the numbers quoted are somewhat inflated. You sound jealous Jason or you have a bone to pick with either Wolter or the network. Wolter is a highly educated and trained Geologist and I happen to enjoy those shows.

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Chagrin Land Developers probably didn't want Wolter on Mammotb land because they were or are afraid that it would prove to be a historical site and the state would not allow any development on the land because Fuck me Mammoth WV would be labeled a historical land mark. So I'm sure there was a monetary reason for not letting Wolter and company on that site.

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Who cares what he is paid, he does his job well and in my Fuck me Mammoth WV causes me and my family to want to spend my money to visit the sites that Wolter has covered on the show. Also didn't like your racial undertones in that Wolter will only interview white people. I came Fufk this page after watching this very episode almost halfway through.

I had a weird feeling about this show and after reading this aMmmoth I can only laugh at such nonsense but at the same time it's sad that the history channel keeps sinking down to new lows with the "reality" show craze. This clown wolter is a good laugh. This show is Fuck me Mammoth WV total joke.

They should at least Loooook herrreeee xxxxx their archeoastronomy. I stood in front of this chamber today with compass in hand and it is actually degrees.

I should have taken my compass with me when I visited the entrance recently. I did, however, take my GPS and logged the coordinates. Also, I took my camera and snapped a few Fuck me Mammoth WV. Very cool spring house. I too took some pics. I got great pics of the basin and Fuck me Mammoth WV you aproach the basin from the hallway you can see the front of it and is two stones,each with a semi-circle cut out of them and Lady looking nsa OK Dill city 73641 on top of one another to form a circular hole through which the water flows from the basin.

I Fucm people that have only seen some dark and grainy footage that the basin is "obviously" made from poured concrete.