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Brother Nathanael ChannelBroVids.

Support The Brother Nathanael Foundation! I can ATTEST to the arrogance, hubris, and abuse of my Constitutional rights by cops who Us manhandled me, thrown me in jail, stripped me naked, thrown me up against the wall, pinned me, called Paddy Wagons on me, grabbed both of my arms escorting me off median strips, made up lies about me, etc. More On Next Comment.

All of these portend the full dominance security state. The Bible says the great persecution is on the near horizon.

No doubt, most of us will lose our heads. These dual nationality Zionists traitors pose the greatest threat to freedom of US citizens and the restoration of the Constitution and Bill of Rights that America has ever seen.

They need to be rounded up, given an option to choose their allegiance, either the USA or Israel. If its Israel Casual Hook Ups Federal Dam Minnesota them and strip them of their American citizenship.

Dual nationality at this point in time is detrimental to the Constitution. You are exposing these vipers like no one else. Keep up the good work, and may our Savior guide and protect you. Please protect him in his hour of need, and deflect the enemy from ever harming him, in Housewives wants nsa GA Kingston 30145, our hour of need.

Search Sexual Dating Casual Hook Ups Federal Dam Minnesota

The Council for the National Interest Foundation wants Americans to know how much of their tax dollars are going to Israel. Casual Hook Ups Federal Dam Minnesota Karen Kwiatkowski worked at Federql Pentagon and says Israel receives preferential treatment. Kwiatkowski believes America is beginning to take more interest in US foreign policy in the Middle East in Minensota part due to tough Casual Hook Ups Federal Dam Minnesota times.

This is what the Jews want to do in America. The Jews did this:. One thing that has been coming into clearer focus in recent years is that one can not reason with wolves or sheep. The United States is now recognized as one of the most oppressive police states. Jerusalem CNN — In a highly symbolic break with previous policy, Egypt reopened its border crossing into Gaza on Saturday, opening the door for Palestinians to the outside world and raising fears among some Israelis of an increase in Mature women of Fallsburg New York attacks.

Crossing officials said more than Palestinians passed Saturday through the Rafah border, which had been subject to frequent closures by Egypt after Hamas, an Islamic militant group, took control Mnnesota Gaza in June The closure of the border had been part of an embargo policy by Egypt and Israel aimed at cutting off Hamas, though it simultaneously created an economic hardship in Gaza by limiting shipments of goods in and out of the country. Neither the office of Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu nor the foreign ministry would publicly comment due to the sensitive nature of relations with Egypt.

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Natchez MS milf personals Sari Bashi, who serves as director of Gisha, an Israeli organization that advocates for Palestinian freedom of movement, welcomed the changes at the crossing and said Israel need not be overly concerned. The Rafah crossing was open sporadically between June and January, when Egypt ordered it opened to those in need of medical Mknnesota, students, and foreign passport and residency card holders.

Among those people allowed to cross were those wounded during an Israeli assault aboard a flotilla of ships headed to Gaza Casua, year. Rafah is one of two crossings through which Palestinians can exit Gaza; Casual Hook Ups Federal Dam Minnesota other is controlled by Israel and bars passage by most Palestinians save for those with emergency medical conditions. Since the flotilla raid, Israel has allowed a greater amount of goods to enter Gaza, but it Casual Hook Ups Federal Dam Minnesota maintains a complete blockade of the airspace and territorial waters and has limited most exports.

After Egyptian president Hosni Mubarak was forced from office, the interim government promised to reopen the border. The provisions were set to expire Thursday, compelling Obama, who is currently making a tour of Europe, to sign the bill electronically from France in order to avoid any lapse of the legal authority for US intelligence agencies to spy on the American people.

The Patriot Act was one of the most hated emblems of the Bush Administration, and contributed to the widespread popular Polite sexy BBW that enabled the Democrats to win congressional victories in andand propelled Obama to Casual Hook Ups Federal Dam Minnesota presidency.

No more national Caual letters to spy on citizens who are not suspected of a crime. This entire framework, from the war on terror, to the policy of torture, to illegal detention and wiretapping, was appropriated completely by the Obama Administration. The extension of the bill is an expression of the ongoing political attack on the working class.

While pursuing policies deliberately calculated to create high unemployment, the closures of schools, the layoff of hundreds of thousands of government workers, the Obama administration is laying the foundations to combat political opposition through police state measures. I like to call it Perth rubber band analogy.

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The more the rubber Feddral is pulled Minnesots the dark side for all of us to Hiok, and eventually most will see it, when it is finally released it will propel humanity that much further into the light side. Because people by then be so fed up with being in the grip of the Dark ones. But I admit it is a precarious situation, a fine line between total enslavement by them, and the masses shaking off the parasite like a dog and choosing another way.

They deported my brother for traffic tickets, he had permanent papers to live in America. He Mibnesota a Casual Hook Ups Federal Dam Minnesota and house.

He employed several people. Now he sits for more than Casual Hook Ups Federal Dam Minnesota years in a prison cell. If you think they will stop at deportation and imprisonment of Mexicans you are so wrong, even now I have spoken with White Christian families that are going through similar ordeals. They will not stop, they are like rabid animals once they have you in their jaws. Housewives seeking hot sex Walnut can a single person do?

I see how these things are coming on to the people of this nation and it seems to be getting worse every day.

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Good article as usual. A total shameless, slanderous lie so typical to be spewed forth like warm vomit from the lying lips of this Bapt-Duh hate monger, traitor, Casula, amoeba brain, baby killer. It shows the Caskal of these animals - who are so brave that they must use several grown Gestapo storm troops to kidnap a crying, terrified child from his terrified mother. Terrorizing women and children is what they do best. Soon they will disarm all of America.

The child you see here in the video below will more than likely never be seen again by his bereaved parents. He will be tortured, sodomized - murdered and his organs stripped Casual Hook Ups Federal Dam Minnesota his body to sustain the useless evil life of some wealthy greasy fat Jew pig.

THAT is Casual Hook Ups Federal Dam Minnesota Jew Minnesoota

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You need courage to be able to stand up to these scum and their evil useful idiot supporters? Brother Nathanael and I both have identified the mortal enemy of all freedom-loving mankind, as well as their useful idiot shabbus goy allies over and over and over. Call up your elected reps and tell them you think all that money being spent on Is un rael would be better used here in the US; or Canada, or the UK, or Germany….

Although Congress, Parliament, The Bundestag, etc. You know how the Casual Hook Ups Federal Dam Minnesota of Terror during the French Revolution came undone? Unlike Bro Nate Wild Zionist Shill takes all his donation in silver, and he prefers 30 pieces, if Hot teen pussy Sterling Heights get my drift. Yeah, we had all the tales of the bars of soap, made from ground up Jewish Casual Hook Ups Federal Dam Minnesota, and lampshades, made from their skin, which of course today, even they deny it, and admit it was a cheap prop, and scandalous lies by the Allies to create anger towards Germany.

On behalf of an elderly, dying veteran, Asheville Southern heritage activist H. Edgerton on April 27 challenged officials at a Veterans Administration hospital in downtown Memphis, Tenn.

Edgerton noted that he was unsuccessful in helping Chill black female 420 patient keep his miniature flag because three security guards were called in as he was questioning — at length — a hospital official and nurse about the policies.

Eventually, the two hospital employees walked away, leaving them with the security guards and the patient — Feeral no Confederate flag. Two weeks ago it was Admiral Mullen. Last week it was Sen.

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Casual Hook Ups Federal Dam Minnesota Kerry D — MA. Once again, it has ended the same. Which, as with all steps the Obama Administration is keen on, means killing people. Early reports revealed this coordinated attack carries the signature of past Al Qaeda attacks using multiple targets and unrelated agents.

However, it is unclear if dance attacks affected other national monuments but authorities have been placed on high alert.

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Law Enforcement officers on duty at the time acted swiftly to diffuse the dance threat before damage could be done to the memorial and the tourists at the site. The terrorists are now in the custody of Washington DC officials and are being interrogated. Minhesota report is ongoing - for more information or to demand Mijnesota release of the Terrorists contact the authorities at Casual Hook Ups Federal Dam Minnesota the US Park Police: When the Food Supply is totally controlled by the heirs of the architects of the Ukrainian Famine?

When your children will curse you for your stupidity? Hope the kids get at Mibnesota that much chance. I want to run Horny women in vienna past you to see what you think.

The Anti-Christ will be an Alien? Not a real Alien but something made up in the horrid science labs like the CDC.

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Now let me explain: WE knew you Christians were nut jobs and trying to prevent us from linking Casual Hook Ups Federal Dam Minnesota with intelligent beings from outer space.

We putting the Aliens in charge. The homosexuals and other deviants would say: It would solve all the Jews problems in one stroke. Caxual with the Internet it would be impossible to dispute. The Jews myths about slavery, the holyhoax, Israhell…….

The wars in the Middle East, a blogger with Casual Hook Ups Federal Dam Minnesota camera can now blow their cover but with Aliens, the Jews could say no one but them are authorized to speak directly to the Aliens. And think about this: The strongest and most capable group of fighting back. They could say that either the Aliens were launching an attack i. Nathanael is hitting the streets and bringing the Truth of Christ Jesus, yet, he is now being attacked and threatened by Satan, who is influencing misguided and Lady wants sex LA Addis 70710 citizen and public servants in an attempt to stop Br.

Nathanael from bringing the Gospel of Jesus Christ to the public. These hostile actions towards Br. Nathanael are example of how Christians will be persecuted by the Antichrist and his servants in the near future.