R/C Clownfish Air Swimmer

The R/C Flying Clownfish Air Swimmer travels through the air just like a fish in the water. Funny to see it's tail flap and watch peoples reaction as the Clownfish Air Swimmer swims through the air. Children relate it to Nemo, as he is a Clownfish, so this is the perfect toy for a kids party. Very manueverable, can be flown up, down, left, and right. Anyone can learn to fly it in a matter of minutes. Watch the video below to see the unique R/C flying Clownfish in action.

Helium and AAA batteries are all that are needed to begin flying. The high quality nylon material that the Air Swimmers are made from, keep tham inflated for weeks. Helium can be found at your local party store and is very inexpensive.

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R/C Air Swimmer Clownfish Features:

Up, Down. Left, Right Maneverability
Remote Control Included
Easily Flown
57" Length
36" Height
40 Feet R/C Range
Indoor Use Only
Talk of any Party

Air Swimmers are extremely popular due to their uniqueness for an R/C product and the joy they bring to people who see them fly for the first time. At this time, only the shark and clownfish are available. Due to the popularity, I'm certain other Air Swimmer R/C fish will be swimming in the sky soon!




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