Parkzone Vapor (no longer available)

The Parkzone Vapor is an extremely light R/C Airplane that can fly at very slow speeds. This indoor R/C Airplane is perfect for flying around your house. The rugged carbon fiber design enables you to fly with confidence knowing that a bump into the wall will not destroy your R/C Airplane. The Parkzone Vapor boasts flight times of 15 minutes with only 20 minutes of charging time. No interference remote control allows you and your friends to fly at the same time. The Parkzone Vapor is equivelant to the Blade MCX 2 or Blade CX2 R/C Helicopter as far as indoor R/C flying goes. If you have a Blade CX2, purchase the bind n fly version as the remote control can be used to fly the Parkzone Vapor.

Parkzone Vapor Parts  



Parkzone Vapor Features:

Indoor R/C Airplane
Fly in living room, basement, conference room
Ready to fly - No assembly required
Fly several models at the same time
Li-Po battery and charger
Remote control included
Great looking

The Parkzone Vapor R/C Airplane can be purchased with a remote control (RTF Version) or without a remote control (BNF Version). The RTF Version is ready to fly within minutes of taking it out of the box. It even comes with batteries for the remote control!


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