Blade SR Remote Control Helicopter

The Blade SR is the most stable collective pitch helicopter I have flown. Most crashes are caused by over compensating the controls. This R/C helicopter is very forgiving when you over compensate your manuevers. In fact, it was designed to help combat the over adjusting through its electronics and lower head speed. This Blade SR is an outdoor r/c helicopter that can be flown even if there is some wind. The stability of the Blade SR is so exceptional, that I would even recommend this as your first R/C Helicopter.

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Blade SR Features:

Ready to Fly
Test Flown at Factory
Stable Collective Pitch R/C Helicopter
Easy to Fly
Strong 2 Piece Frame
Includes Lipo Battery
Includes Transmitter

The Blade SR is the perfect next R/C helicopter after you master single rotor R/C helicopters such as the Blade CX3 or Blade MCX. It was in fact designed just for that purpose. The Blade SR certainly fills a void by closing the gap between fixed pitch R/C helicopters and collective pitch R/C helicopters. Think of the Blade SR as a more stable Blade CP Pro 2. The strong two piece main frame keeps the Blade SR flying even after crashing. Blade SR parts are very inexpensive and easy to install. As far as an investment goes, the Blade SR will not empty your wallet.




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