Blade SR Parts - Blade SR Upgrades

As each part or upgrade for the Blade SR becomes available, it will be posted here. As you can see, Blade SR parts are very affordable. A lot of the Blade SR parts are interchangeable with other Blade R/C helicopters. All parts are easily installed. I always liked to have an extra battery for when I was too impatient to wait for a charge. An extra set of main blades can come in handy.

Scroll down for Blade SR upgrades and hop-ups. Sturdy aluminum CNC upgrades to help your SR look and fly even better. Blade SR parts below that are not clickable, are no longer in stock.

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Blade SR Parts

Tail Blade Adapter   2 3x6x2.5mm Bearings
Product Code: EFLH1323
Our Price: $3.59
Product Code: EFLH1115
Our Price: $5.99
Tail Rotor Adapter
Blade SR Tail Rotor   Blade SR Flybar
Product Code: EFLH1324
Our Price: $4.49
  Product Code: EFLH1149
Our Price: $3.99
Blade SR Tail Rotor   Blade SR Flybar
Blade SR Main Blades   Blade SR Stabilizer Fins
Product Code: EFLH1518
Our Price: $11.69
Product Code: EFLH1326W
Our Price: $4.49
Blade SR Main Blades  
Stabilizer Fins
Blade SR Training Gear   Spindle
Product Code: EFLH1527
Our Price: $8.99
Product Code: EFLH1143
Our Price: $4.49
Blade SR Training Gear  
Blade SR Rotor Head   Paddle Control Frame
Product Code: EFLH1146
Our Price: $9.99
Product Code: EFLH1148
Our Price: $5.39
Blade SR Rotor Head
Paddle Frame
Blade SR Flybar Paddles   Blade SR Pitch Control Links
Product Code: EFLH1150
Our Price: $3.99
Product Code: EFLH1151
Our Price: $4.49
Blade SR Flybar
Pitch Control Links
Blade SR Flybar Weights   Bell Mixer Arm & Pushrod
Product Code: EFLH1165
Our Price: $5.99
Product Code: EFLH1172
Our Price: $4.99
Flybar Weights
Mixer Arm and Pushrod
Blade SR Tail Motor Heatsink   Bell Mixer Main Blade Grip Set
Product Code: EFLH1319
Our Price: $4.49
Product Code: EFLH1171
Our Price: $8.99
Blade SR Tail Motor Heatsink
Blade SR Main Blade Grip
2 Bearings 4X8X3MM   Direct Drive N60 Tail Motor
Product Code: EFLH1215
Our Price: $5.99
Product Code: EFLH1322
Our Price: $8.99
2 Bearings 4X8X3 MM
Blade SR Direct Drive Tail Motor
Pinion Gear 9T 0.5M   Heading Lock Gyro
Product Code: EFLH1409
Our Price: $2.49
Product Code: EFLRG110HL
Our Price: $64.99
Blade SR Pinion Gear
Heading Lock Gyro Blade SR
Blade SR Servo   Blade SR Landing Gear
Product Code: EFLRDS75H
Our Price: $13.99
Product Code: EFLH1502
Our Price: $4.49
Blade SR Servo
Blade SR Landing Gear
Blade SR Main Frame   Blade SR Remote Control
Product Code: EFLH1501
Our Price: $7.19
Product Code: EFLH1057
Our Price: $99.99
Blade SR Main Frame
Blade SR Remote Control
Blade SR Main Gear   2-in-1 Brushless ESC/Mixer
Product Code: EFLH1509
Our Price: $4.49
Product Code: EFLA308H
Our Price: $39.99
Main Gear
Brushless ESC-MIXER
Blade SR 3 Cell Lipo Charger   AC to DC Power Supply
Product Code: EFLC3105
Our Price: $22.99
Product Code: EFLC4000
Our Price: $19.99
Blade sr battery charger
AC to DC Pwer Supply
Anti Rotation Bracket Guide   Main Blade Grip Bolts
Product Code: EFLH1524
Our Price: $3.59
Product Code: EFLH1525
Our Price: $3.59
Anti Rotation Guide
Blade Bolts
Spindle Feathering Shaft   Canopy Mount Assembly
Product Code: EFLH1523
Our Price: $4.49
Product Code: EFLH1522
Our Price: $4.49
Spindle Feathering Shaft
Canopy Mount Kit
Blade SR Blue Canopy   Motor Mount
Product Code: EFLH1520
Our Price: $14.39
Product Code: EFLH1517
Our Price: $4.49
Blue Canopy
Motor Mount
Blade SR 3900Kv Motor   Servo Pushrod Set
Product Code: EFLH1516
Our Price: $26.99
Product Code: EFLH1515
Our Price: $6.29
Main Motor
Servo Pushrods
Blade SR Hardware Set   O-Ring and Shim Set
Product Code: EFLH1514
Our Price: $6.29
Product Code: EFLH1513
Our Price: $3.59
Nuts Bolts Washers
O-Ring Shim Set
Center Hub   Swashplate
Product Code: EFLH1512
Our Price: $4.49
Product Code: EFLH1511
Our Price: $8.99
Center Hub
Blade SR Swashplate
Main Shaft Retaining Collar   Main Shaft
Product Code: EFLH1510
Our Price: $2.99
Product Code: EFLH1508
Our Price: $6.29
Retaining Collar
Main Shaft
Tail Motor Wire Lead   Horizontal Stabilizer Fin Mount
Product Code: EFLH1507
Our Price: $3.59
Product Code: EFLH1506
Our Price: $3.59
Tail Motor Wire
Horizontal Fin Mount
Tail Motor Mount   Blue Tail Boom
Product Code: EFLH1505
Our Price: $4.49
Product Code: EFLH1503
Our Price: $6.29
Direct Drive Tail Motor Mount
Tail Boom Blue
Battery Strap   1000mAh 3S 11.1V 20C LiPo
Product Code: EFLH1444
Our Price: $2.49
  Product Code: EFLB0998
Our Price: $35.99
Battery Strap
  Blade SR Battery

Blade SR Upgrades/Hop-Ups

Blade SR Red Canopy   CNC Blade Grips/Mixing Arms
Product Code: EFLH1521
Our Price: $14.39
Product Code: MHECP002BGP
Our Price: $39.99
Red Canopy
CNC Blade Grips
CNC Blade Grips/Mixing Arms Blue   CNC Flybar
Product Code: MHECP002BGPB
Our Price: $35.99
Product Code: MHESR072
Our Price: $23.39
CNC Blade Grips Blue
CNC Flybar
Blade SR CNC Swashplate   CNC Tail Motor Mount
Product Code: MHESR3012
Our Price: $26.99
Product Code: MHESR3025
Our Price: $20.69
CNC Swashplate
CNC Tail Motor Mount
CNC Delrin Main Gear w/Hub   Carbon Fiber Tail Boom Fin
Product Code: MHESR3102
Our Price: $20.69
Product Code: XTR13010
Our Price: $7.99
CNC Main Gear
Carbon Fiber Tail Boom Fin
Carbon Fiber Rotor Fin   Blue Carbon Fiber Tail Boom Fin
Product Code: XTR13011
Our Price: $12.34
Product Code: XTR13010B
Our Price: $8.99
Carbon Fiber Rotor Fin
Blue Tail Fin
Blue Carbon Fiber Rotor Fin    
Product Code: XTR13011B
Our Price: $13.29
Blue Rotor Fin


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