Blade Nano CP X R/C Helicopter

The Blade Nano CP X is a collective pitch flybarless micro R/C helicopter. It is Blades smallest and lightest R/C helicopter coming in at just over an ounce in weight and its length is under eight inches. Its Durability is extreme. The Nano CP X survives many crashes. This allows you to be more confident in trying new tricks and flying through tight spaces in your home. You should have some experience flying fixed or collective pitch helicopters before purchasing the Blade Nano CP X. Although it is so durable that you could probably get away with learning how to fly R/C helicopters with this awesome flying machine. If you do crash and break a part, no need to worry as there are many replacement parts available at very low cost. The advanced AS3X technology helps stabilize the helicopter. Fly inside your house or take it outdoors to show off when there is no wind.

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Blade Nano CP X Features:

Skill Level: Intermediate
7.75 Inch Rotor Diameter
1.57 Inch Tail Rotor Diameter
1.05 Ounce Weight
7.75 Inch Length
Replacement Parts
Lightest and Smallest Blade Heli

Blade Nano CP X Performance

To get this type of performance from a micro R/C helicopter, you need years of experience building R/C helicopters. Blade is the top company for R/C helicopters. This is their first collective pitch nano R/C helicopter. A unique feature is that you can purchase replacement parts in the unfortunate case of an accident. Other similar R/C helicopters do not have replacement parts for sale. Since the Nano CP X has the "X" designation, that means it is flybarless. What that means for you is higher performance and one less thing to worry about adjusting or breaking in a crash.








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