Blade mSR X Parts - Blade mSR X Upgrades

The flybarless Blade mSR X is just the beginning of flybarless R/C helicopters. Pretty sure in the near future, nearly all R/C helicopters will be flybarless. One less part to worry about when you crash. One less part to worry about adjusting. Below are all the Blade mSR X parts you will need to keep your heli flying like new for a long time. Blade mSR X upgrades are listed near the bottom of the page. We suggest purchasing an extra set of main blades and tail rotor blades as these are the most commonly purchased items. Certainly purchasing an extra battery will extend flight times as well. There is a nice blow up of all the parts and where they belong on the mSR X in the Blade mSR X Manual.

Blade mSR X parts below that are currently out of stock are not clickable.

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Blade mSR X Parts

4 in 1 Control Unit   Tail Boom w/Tail Motor Mount
Product Code: BLH3201
Our Price: $74.99
  Product Code: BLH3202
Our Price: $13.49
4 in 1 Control Unit   Tail Boom with Tail Rotor Mount
Main Motor   Landing Skid w/Battery Mount
Product Code: BLH3203
Our Price: $9.89
  Product Code: BLH3204
Our Price: $4.49
Main Motor   Landing Skid
Main Frame   Main Shaft w/Collar
Product Code: BLH3205
Our Price: $7.19
  Product Code: BLH3207
Our Price: $8.99
Main Frame   Main Shaft
Servo Pushrods   Swashplate
Product Code: BLH3208
Our Price: $7.19
  Product Code: BLH3209
Our Price: $8.99
Servo Pushrods   Swashplate
Main Rotor Hub   Feathering Spindle
Product Code: BLH3212
Our Price: $3.14
  Product Code: BLH3213
Our Price: $3.59
Main Rotor Hub   Feathering Spindle
Main Blade Grip Set   Rotor Head Linkages
Product Code: BLH3214
Our Price: $3.59
  Product Code: BLH3215
Our Price: $2.69
Main Blade Grips   Rotor Head Linkages
Main Rotor Blades   Tail Rotor Blades
Product Code: BLH3216
Our Price: $7.19
  Product Code: BLH3217
Our Price: $3.14
Main Rotor Blades   Tail Rotor Blade
White Canopy w/Vertical Fin   Hardware Set Screws/Washers
Product Code: BLH3218
Our Price: $11.69
  Product Code: BLH3222
Our Price: $3.14
  Hardware Set
150mAh 3.7V LiPo Battery   LiPo Battery Charger
Product Code: EFLB1501S25
Our Price: $4.99
  Product Code: EFLC1003
Our Price: $19.99
150mAh LiPo Battery Blade mSR X   Battery Charger
Remote Control    
Product Code: EFLH1064
Our Price: $42.49
Blade mSR X Remote Control    

Blade mSR X Upgrades

Spektrum DX6i Remote Control   Glow in Dark Landing Skid
Product Code: SPMR6610
Our Price: $159.99
  Product Code: BLH3204GL
Our Price: $8.09
DX6i Transmitter   Glow in the Dark Landing Skid
Glow in Dark Main Frame   Glow in Dark Main Blades
Product Code: BLH3205GL
Our Price: $8.99
  Product Code: BLH3216GL
Our Price: $7.99
Glow in the Dark Main Frame   Glow in the Dark Main Blades
Orange Main Rotor Blades   Red Main Rotor Blades
Product Code: BLH3216OR
Our Price: $7.19
  Product Code: BLH3216RE
Our Price: $7.19
Orange Main Rotor Blades   Main Rotor Blades Red
Glow in Dark Tail Rotor   Orange Tail Rotor Blades
Product Code: BLH3217GL
Our Price: $2.49
  Product Code: BLH3217OR
Our Price: $2.49
Glow in the Dark Tail Rotor   Orange Tail Rotor
Red Tail Rotor Blades   Red Canopy w/Vertical Fin
Product Code: BLH3217RE
Our Price: $3.14
  Product Code: BLH3218R
Our Price: $12.99
Red Tail Blade   Red Canopy
Glow in Dark Vertical Fin   White Vertical Fin
Product Code: BLH3220GL
Our Price: $2.69
  Product Code: BLH3220W
Our Price: $2.99
Thunder Power 160mAh Battery   Carbon Fiber Vertical Fin
Product Code: THP1601SL25UM
Our Price: $8.99
  Product Code: MHEMSRX064VM
Our Price: $7.99
160mAh LiPo Battery   160mAh LiPo Battery
Aluminum Swashplate   Carbon Fiber Frame
Product Code: MHEMSRX012
Our Price: $22.49
  Product Code: MHEMSRX005
Our Price: $35.99
160mAh LiPo Battery   Carbon Fiber Frame
Carbon Fiber Landing Gear   Aluminum Main Blade Grip
Product Code: MHEMSRX006
Our Price: $22.49
  Product Code: MHEMSRX002
Our Price: $17.99
Carbon Fiber Landing Gear Set   Aluminum Main Blade Grip

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