Blade mQX Ultra Micro R/C Quad-Copter

The Blade mQX is a quad R/C helicopter. This means that this R/C helicopter has four main propellers. There is no tail, tail wing, or rotor. What are the benefits? Aestetically, the Blade mQX Quad R/C Helicopter looks unlike any R/C flying aircraft you have seen before. It almost looks like a UFO, especially looking straight up at it. As far as flyability goes, at just 2.65 ounces, the Blade mQX can even handle wind up to 7 mph. I find that flying steady is much easier with a quad-copter. You are not continually adjusting to maintain a hover. Drifting is almost non-existent. The Blade mQX is really fun to fly and is very different than what you are used to. The mQX is one of the lowest priced R/C quad-copter you will find that has thesuperior quality of Blade R/C helicopters.

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Blade mQX Features:

11.5" in Length
7.0" Wide
2" in Height
2.65 oz Weight with Battery
Ready to Fly out of the Box
Recommended for Intermediate R/C Helicopter Pilots
Can be Flown in Wind
Unique R/C Helicopter
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You can perform basic aerobatic manuevers. Flips, rolls, and loops. The mQX is similar in performance and size to the Blade 120 SR but is more stable and has less drifting. This is due to the clockwise and counter clockwise gear reduced brushed motors and the AS3X advanced technology stabilization system. Flies indoor and out with a little wind. The mQX will fly at 1/3 throttle so there is a bit of power to go along with this unique and popular R/C quad-copter.

R/C Quad-Copters in Commercial Use

I am amazed by the stability of quad-copters. They are even used for commercial purposes for finding faults in structures such as cracks or other types of damage. This is done by hovering and taking pictures of buildings or windmills where a costly inspection by maintenance personnel is not financially reasonable. It would be neat if the Blade mQX had a camera onboard, perhaps in the future, with demand from consumers, it will.





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