Blade MCX 2

The Blade MCX 2 is a tiny sub micro fixed pitch R/C Helicopter that is built for indoor flying. Easily navigate the Blade MCX 2 through hallways, in and out of bedrooms, and land on the palm of your hand. The Blade MCX 2 contains all the features of the Blade MCX plus the Schweizer 300C body and a simulated rotating tail rotor. I find this mini R/C Helicopter to be more attractive than the Blade MCX and more durable. The Blade MCX 2 comes in two varieties, BNF (Bind n Fly) no transmitter included, and the RTF (Ready to Fly) transmitter is included. Both varieties are shipped fully assembled.

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Blade MCX 2 Features:

No Assembly Required
Indoor R/C Helicopter
Extremely Durable Design
Easy to Fly
Counter Rotating Blades for Easy Flying
Excellent Stable Performance
Comes with or without Remote Control

The Blade MCX 2 is perfect for the beginner R/C Helicopter pilot or the intermediate/advanced pilot who wants to fly indoors. The Blade MCX 2 is a very small R/C Helicopter that is very stable and easy to fly.

We have all the Blade MCX 2 Parts and Upgrades available as well.



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