Blade mCP X

The Blade mCP X is a smaller micro R/C Helicopter but not as small as the Blade Scout CX. I see it as an advanced Blade Scout that the intermediate R/C Helicopter pilot will have a blast with. The manueverability and agility is incredible. The Blade mCP X can be flown indoors or out. Perform inverted hovering, loops, flips, rolls, funnels, and hurricanes. This lightweight R/C Helicopter is at the top its class. The Blade mCP X is designed to transition you from the Blade Scout, Blade mCX or Blade CX to a much more performance oriented collective pitch heli. We recommend you master the Blade SR first, but if you feel confident, go ahead and purchase the Blade mCP X. It is also designed very tough. I've flown it directly into a wall at a pretty good speed and saw no damage whatsoever. If you do damage it, there are inexpensive, easy to install Blade mCP X replacement parts available.

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Blade mCP X Features:

RTF = Ready to Fly (with remote control)
BNF = Bind n Fly (use your own remote control)
No Assembly Required
Intermediate Experience Level
Collective Pitch R/C Helicopter
Fly Indoors or Out
Extremely Sturdy
Impressive Agility





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