Blade mCP X & mCP X 2 Parts and Upgrades

Some other r/c helicopters in the class of the Blade mCP X do not have parts for sale, so if you crash, you need to buy a new r/c helicopter. This is not the case with the Blade mCP X. Below are all the Blade mCP X and Blade mCP X 2 parts you will ever need. As with all Blade r/c helicopters, the parts and upgrades are inexpensive and easy to put into place. If you need a copy of the manual, here it is: Blade mCP X Manual. You might want to consider purchasing an extra set of blades as that is the most common damaged part. All Blade mCP X and mCP X 2 upgrades available are near the bottom of the page. There are aluminum upgrades available for the mCP x and mCP X 2.

Below are all the Blade mCPX parts we have available. If the Blade mCPX part is not clickable, that means we are out of stock.

But Blade mCP X

Blade mCP X/2 Parts

Micro Battery Adapter Lead   200 mAh 3.7V 25C LiPo Battery
Product Code: EFLA7002UM
Our Price: $3.77
  Product Code: EFLB2001S25
Our Price: $9.99
Ultra Micro Battery Adapter Lead   Blade mCP X LiPo Battery
200 mAh 3.7V 30C LiPo Battery   Celectra LiPo Battery Charger
Product Code: EFLB2001S30
Our Price: $10.79
  Product Code: EFLC1006
Our Price: $24.29
  Celectra DC Li-Po Charger
Power Supply   Blade mCP X Tail Boom
Product Code: EFLC1005
Our Price: $17.09
  Product Code: BLH3502
Our Price: $14.99
Power Supply   Tail Boom Assembly
Blade mCP X 3n1 Control Unit   Blade mCP X Landing Skid
Product Code: BLH3501
Our Price: $69.99
  Product Code: BLH3504
Our Price: $4.94
Control Unit   Landing Skid w/Battery Mount
Main Motor w/Pinion   Blade mCP X Main Gear
Product Code: BLH3503
Our Price: $11.69
  Product Code: BLH3506
Our Price: $3.14
Main Motor   Main Gear
Main Frame   Pushrods
Product Code: BLH3505
Our Price: $7.19
  Product Code: BLH3508
Our Price: $5.39
Main Frame and Hardware   Pushrod Set
Carbon Fiber Main Shaft   Blade mCP X Main Rotor Blades
Product Code: BLH3507
Our Price: $8.99
  Product Code: BLH3510
Our Price: $8.99
Main Shaft   Blade mCP X Main Rotor Blades
Blade mCP X Swashplate   Main Rotor Hub
Product Code: BLH3509
Our Price: $10.79
  Product Code: BLH3512
Our Price: $3.59
Swashplate   Main Rotor Hub
Fast Flight Main Rotor Blades   Main Rotor Blade Grips
Product Code: BLH3511
Our Price: $8.99
  Product Code: BLH3514
Our Price: $8.99
Fast Flight Blades   Blade Grips
Blade mCP X 2 Tail Rotor   Blade mCP X Tail Rotor
Product Code: BLH3603
Our Price: $1.79
  Product Code: EFLH3017
Our Price: $1.99
Blade mcp x 2 Tail Rotor   Tail Blades
Feathering Spindle   Red Vertical Fin
Product Code: BLH3513
Our Price: $5.39
  Product Code: BLH3520R
Our Price: $2.99
Blade Feathering Spindle   Red Vertical Fin
3x6x2mm Outer Shaft Bearings   Rotor Head Linkage Set
Product Code: BLH3515
Our Price: $5.99
  Product Code: BLH3522
Our Price: $4.02
Bearings   Linkage Set
Red Canopy with Fin   Long Throw BB Servo
Product Code: BLH3518
Our Price: $11.69
  Product Code: SPMAS2000LBB
Our Price: $22.99
Blade mCP X Red Canopy   Spektrum 1.9-Gram Linear Long Throw BB Servo
Canopy Mounting Grommets   Tail Boom w/Tail Rotor Mount
Product Code: BLH3521
Our Price: $1.99
  Product Code: BLH3602
Our Price: $14.24
Grommets   Tail Boom Assembly
Hardware - Screws & Washers    
Product Code: BLH3523
Our Price: $2.69

Blade mCP X/2 Upgrades

Blade mCP X Green Canopy   Blade mCP X Green Fin
Product Code: BLH3519
Our Price: $12.99
  Product Code: BLH3520G
Our Price: $2.99
Green Canopy   Green Vertical Fin
Training Gear   Spektrum DX6i Remote Control
Product Code: EFLH3023
Our Price: $4.49
  Product Code: SPMR6610
Our Price: $159.99
Carbon Fiber Training Gear   DX6i Remote Control
Aluminum Main Rotor Hub   Aluminum Main Rotor Hub w/Button
Product Code: MHEMCPX001
Our Price: $18.04
  Product Code: MHEMCPX001B
Our Price: $17.99
Aluminum Main Rotor Head   Aluminum Main Rotor Hub w/Button
Aluminum Main Blade Grips   Aluminum Carbon Fiber Landing Gear
Product Code: MHEMCPX002
Our Price: $26.99
  Product Code: MHEMCPX006
Our Price: $22.49
Aluminum Blade Grips   Aluminum/Carbon Fiber Landing Gear
Aluminum Tail Boom   CNC Swashplate
Product Code: MHEMCPX016
Our Price: $5.99
  Product Code: MHEMCPX012
Our Price: $22.49
Aluminum Tail Boom   CNC Swashplate
Aluminum Main Shaft   Carbon Fiber Horizontal Fin
Product Code: MHEMCPX066A
Our Price: $8.99
  Product Code: MHEMCPX064HF
Our Price: $6.99
Aluminum Main Shaft   Carbon Fiber Fin
Carbon Fiber Vertical Fin    
Product Code: MHEMCPX064VF
Our Price: $4.99
Carbon Fiber Vertical Fin    

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