Blade mCP X 2 R/C Helicopter

The Blade mCP X was the first flybarless micro remote control helicopter. The Blade mCP X just received a few extras to make flying more precise and powerful. The new version is called the Blade mCP X 2. The Blade mCP X 2 is the same size as the original so most replacement parts are interchangeable. There are also some nice aluminum upgrades available for both helis. This collective pitch remote control helicopter is designed for the intermediate to advanced pilot. The flybarless AS3X system is finely tuned especially for the Blade mCP X 2. We showcase the differences below between the two helicopters.

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Blade mCP X 2 Features:

RTF = Ready to Fly (with remote control)
BNF = Bind n Fly (use your own remote control)
No Assembly Required
Intermediate Experience Level
Collective Pitch R/C Helicopter
Large Diameter Tail Rotor
Extremely Sturdy and Reliable
Swashplate w/Attached Grommets
Impressive Flybarless Agility

Blade mCP X vs Blade mCP X 2

The Blade mCP X 2 team focused on customers comments on their experiences with flying the Blade mCP X. Although a high percentage of the comments are postive, there was some constructive criticism regarding the battery, tracking, and tail authority. They also saw mods on the swashplate and changed the design by installing grommets on the swashplate.

Fast forward flight tracks a lot better. Which means that the Blade mCP X 2 flies straighter without having to constantly adjust. This is partly due to the flybarless system and the grommets installed on the swashplate which also eliminates slop. The new larger tail prop increases tail authority which uses more pitch and leads to better control. The new 30C LiPo battery supplies more power at the tail end of the charge and supplies about 5% more power overall. The new digital sensor on board controls all 3 axis which simplifies the board. Many upgrades are available for both the mCP X and mCP X 2.



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