Blade CX4 R/C Helicopter

The Blade CX4 is a logical progression from the previous Blade CX R/C helicopters. First and foremost, the Blade CX4 is larger and heavier than the previous CX models. This makes the Blade CX4 even more stable. Typically, the larger the R/C helicopter, the more stable it is. The new flexible rubberized blades allow for more punishment then the previous plastic rotor blades. If you have flown previous Blade CX helicopters, then you have probably purchased extra sets of landing gear. The Blade CX4 comes with shock absorbing landing gear which will alleviate many trips back to the hobby store (or here). The full fuselage is a welcome change as it really makes the CX4 stand out from similar R/C helicopters.

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Blade CX4 Features:

Great Beginner R/C Helicopter
Powerful 3S 11.1V 800mAh 30C Li-Po battery
Landing Gear Shock Absorbers
Li-Po Battery Charger
Rubber Coated Rotor Blades
Includes Remote Control
Indoor R/C Helicopter
Ready to Fly


Blade CX4 Changes

When you first start flying R/C helicopters, it is inevitable that you will crash. What is frustrating is if you crash because the R/C helicopter you are flying did not respond quick enough to your input or it lost its stability in the slightest bit of wind. It is also frustrating if the blades hit an object and become compromised. Perhaps you landed too hard or at an angle and snapped the landing gear. All of these issues are very real and Blade has addressed all of them in the Blade CX4.

To address stability issues, the Blade CX4 is heavier and larger than its predecessors. The extra weight will allow the Blade CX4 to not be effected by a little bit of wind. Response time has been improved. Inputs on the transmitter are immediate. The rotor blades are now coated with rubber to withstand nicks from hitting objects. They are also hinged, so they will give in the case of a blade strike. The landing gear can now withstand hard landings with its shock absorbing landing gear. Another great new feature is that when you let go of the controls when you think you are in trouble, the Blade CX4 will correct itself and go into a safe hover.



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