Blade CX2 Parts and Upgrades

Every part you need for your Blade CX2 can be found here. From stock OEM parts to optional Blade CX2 Upgrades, like all Blade r/c helicopters, you will find that it is very inexpensive to keep your Blade CX2 at top performing condition. I have found that the inner shaft with aluminum head (product code: EFLH1240) has saved me from many trips to the hobby shop. Its also a good idea to stock up on upper and lower blades. Don't forget a Blade CX2 Canopy. Scroll down for Blade CX2 CNC aluminum upgrades.

Blade CX2 parts that are not clickable below are out of stock. Check back soon as our inventory changes over time.

Blade CX2 Parts & Upgrades

Blade CX2 Canopies

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Main Blades Lower   Blade CX2 Canopy
Product Code: EFLH1220
Our Price: $4.49
Product Code: EFLH1227
Our Price: $11.39
Lower Main Blades
Blade CX2 Yellow Canopy
Main Blades Upper   Yellow Rear Body
Product Code: EFLH1221
Our Price: $4.49
Product Code: EFLH1228
Our Price: $14.24
Upper Main Blades
Yellow Rear Body
Blade CX2 LIPO Balancing Charger   Complete Yellow Body Set
Product Code: EFLC3110
Our Price: $19.99
Product Code: EFLH1229
Our Price: $22.49
Blade CX2 Charger
Yellow Body Blade CX2
AC TO 12VDC, 1.5 AMP Power Supply   Police Body Blade CX 2 Canopy
Product Code: EFLC4000
Our Price: $19.99
Product Code: EFLH1230
Our Price: $11.39
Blade CX2 Power Supply
Blade CX2 Police Canopy
Bind Plug   Police Rear Body
Product Code: EFLH1022
Our Price: $1.99
Product Code: EFLH1231
Our Price: $14.24
Bind Plug
Police Body
3 IN 1 Control Unit, Mixer/ESCS/Gyro   Complete Police Body Set
Product Code: EFLH1023
Our Price: $39.99
Product Code: EFLH1232
Our Price: $22.49
Blade CX 3 in 1 Control Unit
Police Body Set
4 IN1 RX ESC Mixer Gyro 2.4GHZ   Red Canopy
Product Code: EFLH1024
Our Price: $59.99
  Product Code: EFLH1255
Our Price: $10.79
4 In 1 Control Unit
Blade CX2 Red Canopy
Blade CX2 Remote Control   Red Rear Body
Product Code: EFLH1055
Our Price: $59.99
  Product Code: EFLH1256
Our Price: $13.49
Blade CX2 Remote Control
Rear Body
TX Antenna, 2.4GHZ   Red Complete Body Set
Product Code: EFLH1058
Our Price: $9.99
  Product Code: EFLH1257
Our Price: $22.49
Transmitter Antenna
Red Body Set Blade CX2
2 Bearings 2X6X3MM   Marines Body Canopy
Product Code: EFLH1121
Our Price: $5.39
Product Code: EFLH1258
Our Price: $11.39
Blade CX2 Marines Canopy
Screwdriver & Mounting Accessories   Marines Rear Body
Product Code: EFLH1209
Our Price: $3.99
Product Code: EFLH1259
Our Price: $14.24
Blade CX2 Screwdriver
Marines Rear Body
180 Motor W/8T .5M Pinion Left   Complete Marines Body Set
Product Code: EFLH1210
Our Price: $8.99
  Product Code: EFLH1260
Our Price: $26.99
8 Toothe 180 Motor Left
Complete Marines Body Set
    Blade CX2 Upgrades
180 Motor 8T.5 Pinion PTC Fuse Left   Marines Decals
Product Code: EFLH1210B
Our Price: $9.89
  Product Code: EFLH1261
Our Price: $3.99

180 Motor PTC Fuse


Marines Decals
180 Motor w/8T 0.5M Pinion Right   Marines Guns and Missiles
Product Code: EFLH1211
Our Price: $8.99
  Product Code: EFLH1262
Our Price: $5.99
8 Toothe 180 Motor Right
Gins and Missiles
180 Motor 8T.5 Pinion PTC Fuse Right   Bag for R/C Helicopters
Product Code: EFLH1211B
Our Price: $9.89
  Product Code: WGT294
Our Price: $58.49

PTC Fuse Right


R/C Helicopter
Outer Shaft and Main Gear   Carbon Fiber Tail Boom
Product Code: EFLH1213
Our Price: $8.09
  Product Code: ESPH1000
Our Price: $35.96
Outer Shaft & Main Gear
Tail Boom for Blade CX2
Retaining Shaft Collar   Jet Ranger Body Blue
Product Code: EFLH1214
Our Price: $4.49
  Product Code: EFLH1264
Our Price: $34.99
Shaft Retaining Collar
Jet Ranger Body Blue
2 Bearings 4X8X3MM   Jet Ranger Body Red
Product Code: EFLH1215
Our Price: $6.99
  Product Code: EFLH1263
Our Price: $34.99
2 Bearings 4X8X3 MM
Jet Ranger Body Red
Swashplate   Blade CX2 Tool Kit
Product Code: EFLH1216
Our Price: $6.29
Product Code: EFLA261
Blade CX2 6pc Toolkit
Lower Rotor Head & Linkage   Blade CX2 Training Cord
Product Code: EFLH1217
Our Price: $5.39
Product Code: EFLH1059
Our Price: $9.99
Lower Rotor Head and Linkage
Training Cord
Servo Pushrods   Blade CX2 Training Gear
Product Code: EFLH1218
Our Price: $4.49
Product Code: EFLH1205
Our Price: $8.99
Servo Pushrods
Blade CX2 Training Gear
Stabilizer Flybar   Heat Sink for Main Motor
Product Code: EFLH1219
Our Price: $6.29
Product Code: EFLH1208
Our Price: $4.49
Stabilizer Flybar
Heat Sink
Landing Skids   Inner Shaft with Aluminum Head
Product Code: EFLH1222
Our Price: $4.49
Product Code: EFLH1240
Our Price: $16.99
Landing Skids
Shaft with Aluminum Head
Battery Holder   Inner Shaft for Aluminum Head
Product Code: EFLH1223
Our Price: $5.39
Product Code: EFLH1241
Our Price: $3.59
Battery Holder
Inner Shaft
Hardware - Screws Washers   Aluminum Bearing Holder with Bearing
Product Code: EFLH1225
Our Price: $4.49
Product Code: EFLH1244
Our Price: $5.99
Screws for Blade CX2
Aluminum Bearing Holder with Bearing
Body Mount and Grommet   Aluminum Lower Rotor Head
Product Code: EFLH1226
Our Price: $2.99
Product Code: EFLH1245
Our Price: $17.99
Body Mount Grommet
Aluminum Lower Rotor Head Blade CX2
Inner Shaft with Head   Aluminum Swashplate
Product Code: EFLH1242
Our Price: $6.29
Product Code: EFLH1246
Our Price: $19.99
Inner Shaft
Aluminum Swashplate
Inner Shaft Main Gear   S60 Gear Set
Product Code: EFLH1243   Product Code: EFLRS601
Our Price: $3.14
Main Gear Inner Shaft
Our Price: $3.59
S60 Gear Set
Main Frame   S60 Case Set
Product Code: EFLH1254   Product Code: EFLRS602
Our Price: $7.19
Blade CX2 Main Frame
Our Price: $2.99
S60 Case Set
Blade CX2 Servo   Standard Arm Set
Product Code: EFLRS60   Product Code: EFLRSA100
Our Price: $14.99
Blade CX2 Servo
Our Price: $2.99
Standard Arm Set
Aluminum Flybar Weights   Aluminum Landing Gear
Product Code: MHECX072FW   Product Code: ESPH1002
Our Price: $14.24
Flybar Weights
Our Price: $29.99
Aluminum Landing Gear
Blade CX2 CNC Main Frame   Carbon Fiber Landing Gear
Product Code: MHECX001   Product Code: ESPH1005
Our Price: $33.29
CNC Main Frame
Our Price: $35.99
Carbon Fiber Landing Gear
Blade CX2 CNC Main Frame Blue   CNC Upper Blade Grips
Product Code: MHECX001B   Product Code: MHECX002BS1
Our Price: $33.29
CNC Blue Frame
Our Price: $26.99
CNC Upper Main Blade Grips
CNC Upper Blade Grips Blue   CNC Lower Blade Grips
Product Code: MHECX002BS1B   Product Code: MHECX002BS2
Our Price: $26.99
Blue CNC Upper Main Blade Grips
Our Price: $26.99
CNC Lower Blade Grips
CNC Lower Blade Grips Blue   CNC Head Screws & Washers
Product Code: MHECX002BS2B   Product Code: MHECX002HW
Our Price: $26.99
Blue CNC Upper Main Blade Grips
Our Price: $2.99
CNC Head Hardware
Blade CX2 CNC Lower Head   Blade CX2 CNC Lower Head
Product Code: MHECX002LH   Product Code: MHECX002LHB
Our Price: $24.99
CNC Lower Head
Our Price: $24.99
Precision CNC Lower Head
Blade CX2 Lower Main Blades   Blade CX2 Upper Main Blades
Product Code: MHECX002MB1   Product Code: MHECX002MB2
Our Price: $2.69
Lower Main Blades
Our Price: $2.69
Upper Blades
Aluminum Battery Tray   Blue Aluminum Battery Tray
Product Code: MHECX005BM   Product Code: MHECX005BMB
Our Price: $26.99
CNC Battery Tray
Our Price: $26.99
CNC Blue Battery Tray
Blade CX2 CNC Swashplate   Blade CX2 Blue Swashplate
Product Code: MHECX012   Product Code: MHECX012B
Our Price: $26.99
CNC Swashplate
Our Price: $26.99
Blue CNC Swashplate
Precision CNC Swashplate   Carbon Fiber Tail Boom & Fins
Product Code: MHECX012V2   Product Code: MHECX016SE
Our Price: $17.09
Precision Swashplate
Our Price: $31.49
Carbon Fiber Tail Boom and Fin Set
Ball Links   Aluminum Inner Shaft Housing
Product Code: MHECX021BL   Product Code: MHECX027
Our Price: $1.99
Ball Links
Our Price: $5.99
Aluminum Inner Shaft
Steel Inner Shaft   Inner Shaft w/Aluminum Hub
Product Code: MHECX065ST   Product Code: MHECX065V2
Our Price: $3.59
Steel Inner Shaft
Our Price: $18.89
Inner Shaft with Rotor Hub


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