Blade CX2 Parts and Upgrades

Every part you need for your Blade CX2 can be found here. From stock OEM parts to optional Blade CX2 Upgrades, like all Blade r/c helicopters, you will find that it is very inexpensive to keep your Blade CX2 at top performing condition. I have found that the inner shaft with aluminum head (product code: EFLH1240) has saved me from many trips to the hobby shop. Its also a good idea to stock up on upper and lower blades. Don't forget a Blade CX2 Canopy. Scroll down for Blade CX2 CNC aluminum upgrades.

Blade CX2 Parts & Upgrades

Blade CX2 Canopies

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Main Blades Lower   Blade CX2 Canopy
Product Code: EFLH1220
Our Price: $3.99
Product Code: EFLH1227
Our Price: $11.39
Lower Main Blades
Blade CX2 Yellow Canopy
Main Blades Upper   Yellow Rear Body
Product Code: EFLH1221
Our Price: $3.99
Product Code: EFLH1228
Our Price: $14.24
Upper Main Blades
Yellow Rear Body
Blade CX2 LIPO Balancing Charger   Complete Yellow Body Set
Product Code: EFLC3110
Our Price: $19.99
Product Code: EFLH1229
Our Price: $22.49
Blade CX2 Charger
Yellow Body Blade CX2
AC TO 12VDC, 1.5 AMP Power Supply   Police Body Blade CX 2 Canopy
Product Code: EFLC4000
Our Price: $19.99
Product Code: EFLH1230
Our Price: $11.39
Blade CX2 Power Supply
Blade CX2 Police Canopy
Bind Plug   Police Rear Body
Product Code: EFLH1022
Our Price: $1.99
Product Code: EFLH1231
Our Price: $14.24
Bind Plug
Police Body
3 IN 1 Control Unit, Mixer/ESCS/Gyro   Complete Police Body Set
Product Code: EFLH1023
Our Price: $39.99
Product Code: EFLH1232
Our Price: $22.49
Blade CX 3 in 1 Control Unit
Police Body Set
4 IN1 RX ESC Mixer Gyro 2.4GHZ   Red Canopy
Product Code: EFLH1024
Our Price: $59.99
  Product Code: EFLH1255
Our Price: $11.39
4 In 1 Control Unit
Blade CX2 Red Canopy
Blade CX2 Remote Control   Red Rear Body
Product Code: EFLH1055
Our Price: $59.99
  Product Code: EFLH1256
Our Price: $14.24
Blade CX2 Remote Control
Rear Body
TX Antenna, 2.4GHZ   Red Complete Body Set
Product Code: EFLH1058
Our Price: $9.99
  Product Code: EFLH1257
Our Price: $22.49
Transmitter Antenna
Red Body Set Blade CX2
2 Bearings 2X6X3MM   Marines Body Canopy
Product Code: EFLH1121
Our Price: $5.99
Product Code: EFLH1258
Our Price: $11.39
Blade CX2 Marines Canopy
Screwdriver & Mounting Accessories   Marines Rear Body
Product Code: EFLH1209
Our Price: $3.99
Product Code: EFLH1259
Our Price: $14.24
Blade CX2 Screwdriver
Marines Rear Body
180 Motor W/8T .5M Pinion Left   Complete Marines Body Set
Product Code: EFLH1210
Our Price: $9.99
  Product Code: EFLH1260
Our Price: $26.99
8 Toothe 180 Motor Left
Complete Marines Body Set
  Blade CX2 Upgrades
180 Motor 8T.5 Pinion PTC Fuse Left   Marines Decals
Product Code: EFLH1210B
Our Price: $10.44
  Product Code: EFLH1261
Our Price: $3.99

180 Motor PTC Fuse


Marines Decals
180 Motor w/8T 0.5M Pinion Right   Marines Guns and Missiles
Product Code: EFLH1211
Our Price: $9.99
  Product Code: EFLH1262
Our Price: $5.99
8 Toothe 180 Motor Right
Gins and Missiles
180 Motor 8T.5 Pinion PTC Fuse Right   Bag for R/C Helicopters
Product Code: EFLH1211B
Our Price: $10.44
  Product Code: WGT294
Our Price: $42.49

PTC Fuse Right


R/C Helicopter
Outer Shaft and Main Gear   Carbon Fiber Tail Boom
Product Code: EFLH1213
Our Price: $8.99
  Product Code: ESPH1000
Our Price: $35.96
Outer Shaft & Main Gear
Tail Boom for Blade CX2
Retaining Shaft Collar   Jet Ranger Body Blue
Product Code: EFLH1214
Our Price: $4.99
  Product Code: EFLH1264
Our Price: $34.99
Shaft Retaining Collar
Jet Ranger Body Blue
2 Bearings 4X8X3MM   Jet Ranger Body Red
Product Code: EFLH1215
Our Price: $6.99
  Product Code: EFLH1263
Our Price: $34.99
2 Bearings 4X8X3 MM
Jet Ranger Body Red
Swashplate   Blade CX2 Tool Kit
Product Code: EFLH1216
Our Price: $6.99
Product Code: EFLA261
Blade CX2 6pc Toolkit
Lower Rotor Head & Linkage   Blade CX2 Training Cord
Product Code: EFLH1217
Our Price: $5.99
Product Code: EFLH1059
Our Price: $9.99
Lower Rotor Head and Linkage
Training Cord
Servo Pushrods   Blade CX2 Training Gear
Product Code: EFLH1218
Our Price: $4.99
Product Code: EFLH1205
Our Price: $9.99
Servo Pushrods
Blade CX2 Training Gear
Stabilizer Flybar   Heat Sink for Main Motor
Product Code: EFLH1219
Our Price: $6.99
Product Code: EFLH1208
Our Price: $3.99
Stabilizer Flybar
Heat Sink
Landing Skids   Inner Shaft with Aluminum Head
Product Code: EFLH1222
Our Price: $3.99
Product Code: EFLH1240
Our Price: $16.99
Landing Skids
Shaft with Aluminum Head
Battery Holder   Inner Shaft for Aluminum Head
Product Code: EFLH1223
Our Price: $5.99
Product Code: EFLH1241
Our Price: $3.99
Battery Holder
Inner Shaft
Hardware - Screws Washers   Aluminum Bearing Holder with Bearing
Product Code: EFLH1225
Our Price: $3.99
Product Code: EFLH1244
Our Price: $5.99
Screws for Blade CX2
Aluminum Bearing Holder with Bearing
Body Mount and Grommet   Aluminum Lower Rotor Head
Product Code: EFLH1226
Our Price: $2.99
Product Code: EFLH1245
Our Price: $17.99
Body Mount Grommet
Aluminum Lower Rotor Head Blade CX2
Inner Shaft with Head   Aluminum Swashplate
Product Code: EFLH1242
Our Price: $6.99
Product Code: EFLH1246
Our Price: $19.99
Inner Shaft
Aluminum Swashplate
Inner Shaft Main Gear   S60 Gear Set
Product Code: EFLH1243   Product Code: EFLRS601
Our Price: $2.99
Main Gear Inner Shaft
Our Price: $2.99
S60 Gear Set
Main Frame   S60 Case Set
Product Code: EFLH1254   Product Code: EFLRS602
Our Price: $7.99
Blade CX2 Main Frame
Our Price: $2.99
S60 Case Set
Blade CX2 Servo   Standard Arm Set
Product Code: EFLRS60   Product Code: EFLRSA100
Our Price: $14.99
Blade CX2 Servo
Our Price: $2.99
Standard Arm Set
Aluminum Flybar Weights   Aluminum Landing Gear
Product Code: MHECX072FW   Product Code: ESPH1002
Our Price: $14.24
Flybar Weights
Our Price: $29.99
Aluminum Landing Gear
Blade CX2 CNC Main Frame   Carbon Fiber Landing Gear
Product Code: MHECX001   Product Code: ESPH1005
Our Price: $33.29
CNC Main Frame
Our Price: $35.99
Carbon Fiber Landing Gear
Blade CX2 CNC Main Frame Blue   CNC Upper Blade Grips
Product Code: MHECX001B   Product Code: MHECX002BS1
Our Price: $33.29
CNC Blue Frame
Our Price: $26.99
CNC Upper Main Blade Grips
CNC Upper Blade Grips Blue   CNC Lower Blade Grips
Product Code: MHECX002BS1B   Product Code: MHECX002BS2
Our Price: $26.99
Blue CNC Upper Main Blade Grips
Our Price: $26.99
CNC Lower Blade Grips
CNC Lower Blade Grips Blue   CNC Head Screws & Washers
Product Code: MHECX002BS2B   Product Code: MHECX002HW
Our Price: $26.99
Blue CNC Upper Main Blade Grips
Our Price: $2.99
CNC Head Hardware
Blade CX2 CNC Lower Head   Blade CX2 CNC Lower Head
Product Code: MHECX002LH   Product Code: MHECX002LHB
Our Price: $24.99
CNC Lower Head
Our Price: $24.99
Precision CNC Lower Head
Blade CX2 Lower Main Blades   Blade CX2 Upper Main Blades
Product Code: MHECX002MB1   Product Code: MHECX002MB2
Our Price: $2.99
Lower Main Blades
Our Price: $2.99
Upper Blades
Aluminum Battery Tray   Blue Aluminum Battery Tray
Product Code: MHECX005BM   Product Code: MHECX005BMB
Our Price: $26.99
CNC Battery Tray
Our Price: $26.99
CNC Blue Battery Tray
Blade CX2 CNC Swashplate   Blade CX2 Blue Swashplate
Product Code: MHECX012   Product Code: MHECX012B
Our Price: $26.99
CNC Swashplate
Our Price: $26.99
Blue CNC Swashplate
Precision CNC Swashplate   Carbon Fiber Tail Boom & Fins
Product Code: MHECX012V2   Product Code: MHECX016SE
Our Price: $18.04
Precision Swashplate
Our Price: $31.49
Carbon Fiber Tail Boom and Fin Set
Ball Links   Aluminum Inner Shaft Housing
Product Code: MHECX021BL   Product Code: MHECX027
Our Price: $1.99
Ball Links
Our Price: $5.99
Aluminum Inner Shaft
Steel Inner Shaft   Inner Shaft w/Aluminum Hub
Product Code: MHECX065ST   Product Code: MHECX065V2
Our Price: $3.99
Steel Inner Shaft
Our Price: $18.89
Inner Shaft with Rotor Hub


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