Blade CP Pro 2 Parts and Upgrades

The Blade CP Pro 2 is a magnificent piece of machinery. But I can't help but to think that it looks kind of cheap. It flys incredibly well and is by all intents and purposes an advanced R/C helicopter. Why do I think it's a cheap looking R/C helicopter? That is because the parts for the Blade Cp Pro 2 are made from plastic. When I see plastic, I think cheap. However, the Blade CP Pro 2 parts are made from an incredibally strong type of plastic that is very inexpensive to manufacture. Anyways, below are the parts you might need when you inevitably fly your Blade CP Pro 2 into the ground.

Blade CP Pro 2 parts below that are no longer available are not clickable.

Blade CP Pro 2 Parts & Upgrades

Blade CP Pro Flying
11.1V 800mAh 3S LiPo Battery   Main Shaft & Drive Gear
Product Code: EFLB0996
Product Code: EFLH1155
Blade CP Pro Battery
Main Shaft Drive Gear
Battery Charger   Landing Skids
Product Code: EFLC3105
Our Price: $22.99
Product Code: EFLH1156
Our Price: $4.99
Blade CP Pro Battery Charger
Landing Skids
2 in 1 Control Unit   Tubing and O-Rings
Product Code: EFLH1032
Our Price: $36.99
Product Code: EFLH1158
Our Price: $3.14
Tubing and O-Rings
HP6DSM 6-Channel Remote Control   Screws for Blade CP Pro 2
Product Code: EFLH1056
Our Price: $99.99
Product Code: EFLH1159
Our Price: $3.99
Screws for Blade CP
2 3x6x2.5mm Bearings   Tail Boom
Product Code: EFLH1115
Our Price: $5.99
Product Code: EFLH1160
Our Price: $3.99
Tail Boom
Allen Wrench - Mounting Parts   Paddle Control Frame
Product Code: EFLH1129
Our Price: $3.99
Product Code: EFLH1163
Our Price: $3.99
Allen Wrench Mounting Accessories
Paddle Control Frame
Tail & Main Motor Wires   Retaining Collar Main Shaft
Product Code: EFLH1134
Our Price: $1.99
Product Code: EFLH1164
Our Price: $3.99
Motor Wires
Main Shaft Retaining Collar
6 Retaining Pins   Flybar Weights
Product Code: EFLH1135
Our Price: $1.99
Product Code: EFLH1165
Our Price: $5.99
Retaining Pins
Flybar Weights
Canopy Mount Set   Main Frame Assembly
Product Code: EFLH1136
Our Price: $2.99
Product Code: EFLH1166
Our Price: $11.39
Canopy Mount Set
Main Frame Assembly
Spindle   Main Frame
Product Code: EFLH1143
Our Price: $4.49
Product Code: EFLH1167
Our Price: $5.99
Main Frame
Center Hub and Spindle Set   Bell Main Blade Grip
Product Code: EFLH1145
Our Price: $9.99
Product Code: EFLH1171
Our Price: $9.99
Cenetr Hub and Spindle
Main Blade Grip
Rotor Head   Bell Mixer Arm & Pushrod
Product Code: EFLH1146
Our Price: $9.99
Product Code: EFLH1172
Our Price: $4.99
Rotor Head
Mixer Arm and Pushrod
Symmetrical Main Blades   Main Motor Heatsink
Product Code: EFLH1147B
Our Price: $16.19
Product Code: EFLH1309
Our Price: $5.49
Symmetrical Main Blades
Main Motor Heatsink
Paddle Frame   Blade CP Pro 370 Motor 8 Tooth
Product Code: EFLH1148
Our Price: $5.39
Product Code: EFLH1310
Our Price: $14.99
Paddle Frame
Blade CP Pro 8 Tooth Motor
2 Flybars   Body Canopy
Product Code: EFLH1149
Our Price: $3.99
Product Code: EFLH1315
Our Price: $18.99
Blade CP Pro Body Canopy
Flybar Paddles   Tail Motor Heatsink
Product Code: EFLH1150
Our Price: $3.99
Product Code: EFLH1319
Our Price: $3.99
Flybar Paddles
Tail Motor Heatsink
Pitch Control Links   Tail Motor Mount
Product Code: EFLH1151   Product Code: EFLH1321
Our Price: $4.49
Pitch Control Links
Our Price: $3.59
Tail Motor Mount
SwashPlate   Direct Drive Tail Motor
Product Code: EFLH1152   Product Code: EFLH1322
Our Price: $7.99
Blade CP Pro Swashplate
Our Price: $9.99
Direct Drive Tail Motor
Servo Pushrods   Battery Support Frame
Product Code: EFLH1153
Our Price: $5.99
Product Code: EFLH1154
Our Price: $7.99
Servo Pushrods
Battery Support


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