Blade 300 X Parts and Upgrades

If you are in need of replacement parts for your Blade 300 X R/C helicopter, you are in luck as every replacement part you will ever need is here. Quite literally, no matter how badly you crash your Blade 300 X, you will never need to replace the whole R/C helicopter. Blade 300 X replacement parts will not break the bank and anyone who has put a model together will be able to install the parts. Below are Blade 300 X parts and upgrades. Blade 300 X aluminum upgrades add precision and strength. Be sure to bookmark this page for when you need a part or upgrade for your Blade 300 X.

Blade 300 X parts and upgrades below that are not clickable are no longer available.

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Blade 300 X Parts

Canopy Mounts   Bracket/Guide
Product Code: BLH4517
Our Price: $3.59
  Product Code: BLH4518
Our Price: $4.49
Canopy Mounts   Anti Rotation Bracket Guide
Screws/Nuts Rotor Blade Mount   Blade 300 X Dampers
Product Code: BLH4503
Our Price: $3.99
  Product Code: BLH4505
Our Price: $4.49
Main Rotor Blade Mounting Screws   Dampers
Tail Servo Boom Mount   Horizontal Stabilizer Fin Mount
Product Code: BLH4528
Our Price: $4.49
  Product Code: BLH4531
Our Price: $4.49
Blade 300 X Tail Servo Boom Mount   Fin Mount Set
Blade 300 X Tail Rotor Blade   Aluminum Tail Rotor Hub
Product Code: BLH4537
Our Price: $4.49
  Product Code: BLH4540
Our Price: $4.49
Tail Rotor Blade Set   Tail Rotor Hub Set
Main Blade Holder   Tail Blade Grip Set
Product Code: BLH4541
Our Price: $3.99
  Product Code: BLH1670
Our Price: $8.09
Blade Holder   Tail Blade Holders
Spindle Feathering Shaft   Blade 300 X Main Gear Hub
Product Code: BLH4506
Our Price: $4.49
  Product Code: BLH4514
Our Price: $4.49
Feathering Shaft   Blade 300 X Main Gear Hub
Blade 300 X Landing Gear   Tail Support Pushrod Guide
Product Code: BLH4520
Our Price: $4.99
  Product Code: BLH4527
Our Price: $4.49
Landing Skids   Tail Pushrod Support
Blade 300 X Tail Case   Tail Linkage Pushrod
Product Code: BLH4532
Our Price: $4.49
  Product Code: BLH4529
Our Price: $4.49
Tail Case   Tail Linkage Pushrods
Blade 300 X Tail Rotor Shaft   Linkage Set
Product Code: BLH4535
Our Price: $4.49
  Product Code: BLH4509
Our Price: $5.39
Tail Shaft   Linkage
Blade 300 X 4x8x3 Bearings   Blade 300 X 3x7x3 Bearings
Product Code: BLH4515
Our Price: $5.39
  Product Code: BLH4534
Our Price: $5.39
Bearings   Bearings
4x8x3 Main & Tail Bearings   Tail Boom Brace Support
Product Code: BLH1605
Our Price: $8.09
  Product Code: BLH4525
Our Price: $5.39
Bearings   Tail Boom Brace Support
Stabilizer Fin Set   Tail Drive Belt
Product Code: BLH4530
Our Price: $5.39
  Product Code: BLH4523
Our Price: $5.39
Stabilizer Fins   Belt for Tail Drive
Tail Rotor Pitch Control Slider   Belt Guide Cross Member
Product Code: BLH4536
Our Price: $5.39
  Product Code: BLH4521
Our Price: $5.84
Tail Pitch Control   Belt Guide
Tail Grip Thrust Bearing   Main Rotor Blade Grips
Product Code: BLH1612
Our Price: $6.29
  Product Code: BLH4502
Our Price: $6.29
Thrust Bearing   Blade Grips
Blade 300 X Tail Boom   Mounting Access
Product Code: BLH4526
Our Price: $6.99
  Product Code: BLH4544
Our Price: $6.29
Tail Boom   Mounting Access
Servo Arm Set   Blade 300 X Tail Drive Gear
Product Code: BLH4519
Our Price: $6.56
  Product Code: BLH4513
Our Price: $7.19
Servo Arms   Main Tail Gear
Tail Rotor Pitch Lever   Servo Pushrod Set
Product Code: BLH4533
Our Price: $7.19
  Product Code: BLH4524
Our Price: $5.39
Tail Pitch Lever   Servo Pushrods
Aluminum Motor Mount   Blade 300 X Main Gear
Product Code: BLH4516
Our Price: $8.09
  Product Code: BLH1651
Our Price: $8.99
Motor Mount   Main Gear Set
Head Block Rotor Housing   Blade 300 X Main Shaft
Product Code: BLH4507
Our Price: $9.99
  Product Code: BLH4511
Our Price: $8.99
Head Block Housing   Main Shaft
Blade 300 X 245mm Wood Blades   Blade 300 X Main Frame
Product Code: BLH4501
Our Price: $11.69
  Product Code: BLH4522
Our Price: $12.59
Main Wood Blades   Main Frame
Blade 300 X Screws & Washers   Blade Main Grip Bearings
Product Code: BLH4543
Our Price: $13.49
  Product Code: BLH4504
Our Price: $14.39
Hardware   Main Grip Bearings
Follower Arms   Blade 300 X Stock Canopy
Product Code: BLH4508
Our Price: $14.39
  Product Code: BLH4542
Our Price: $14.39
Follower Arms   Red Canopy
Blade 300 X Swashplate   LiPo Battery Charger
Product Code: BLH4510
Our Price: $15.29
  Product Code: EFLC3115
Our Price: $26.99
Swashplate   LiPo Charger
1350mAh 3S 11.1V LiPo   25 Amp Brushless ESC
Product Code: EFLB13503S30
Our Price: $36.89
  Product Code: EFLA325HB
Our Price: $39.99
LiPo Battery   Brushless ESC
Blade 300 X Motor    
Product Code: EFLM1160H
Our Price: $39.99
320 Brushless Motor  

Blade 300 X Upgrades

Orange Tail Blade   Green Tail Blade
Product Code: BLH4537OR
Our Price: $4.49
  Product Code: BLH4537GR
Our Price: $4.49
Blade 300 X Orange Tail Rotor   Blade 300 X Green Tail Rotor
Yellow Tail Blade   Aluminum Servo Control Arms
Product Code: BLH4537YE
Our Price: $4.49
  Product Code: BLH4519A
Our Price: $8.09
Blade 300 X Yellow Tail Rotor   Aluminum Control Arms
Aluminum Tail Rotor Shaft   Aluminum Tail Servo Boom Mount
Product Code: BLH4535A
Our Price: $5.39
  Product Code: BLH4528A
Our Price: $8.09
Blade 300 X Aluminum Tail Shaft   Aluminum Tail Servo Boom Mount
Aluminum Horizontal Fin Mount   Aluminum Anti Rotation Guide
Product Code: BLH4531A
Our Price: $8.09
  Product Code: BLH4518A
Our Price: $8.99
Blade 300 x Aluminum Fin Mount   Blade 300 X Aluminum Anti Rotation Bracket/Guide
Aluminum Tail Boom Support   Aluminum Tail Pitch Control
Product Code: BLH4525A
Our Price: $9.89
  Product Code: BLH4536A
Our Price: $10.79
Aluminum Tail Brace   Blade 300 X Aluminum Tail Pitch Control Slider
Aluminum Tail Rotor Pitch Lever   Carbon Fiber Stabilizer Fin
Product Code: BLH4533A
Our Price: $11.69
  Product Code: BLH4530C
Our Price: $14.39
Blade 300 X Aluminum Tail Rotor Pitch Lever   Blade 300 X Carbon Fiber Stabilizer Fin
Carbon Fiber Tail Rotor Blade   Blade 300 X Black/Red Canopy
Product Code: BLH4537C
Our Price: $14.39
  Product Code: BLH4542B
Our Price: $14.39
Blade 300 X Carbon Fiber Tail Blade   Blade 300 X Black Red Canopy
Blade 300 X Yellow/Green Canopy   Carbon Fiber Tail Boom
Product Code: BLH4542C
Our Price: $14.39
  Product Code: BLH4526C
Our Price: $15.74
Yellow and Green Canopy   Carbon Fiber Tail Boom
Aluminum Tail Rotor Blade Grip   Aluminum Follower Arms
Product Code: BLH1670A
Our Price: $18.99
  Product Code: BLH4508A
Our Price: $17.99
Blade 300 X Aluminum Tail Grip   Aluminum Flybarless Follower Arms
Aluminum Tail Case   Aluminum Flybarless Head Block
Product Code: BLH4532A
Our Price: $26.09
  Product Code: BLH4507A
Our Price: $31.49
Blade 300 X Aluminum Tail Case   Blade 300 X Head Block
Carbon Fiber Main Blades   Aluminum Main Blade Grips
Product Code: BLH4501C
Our Price: $26.99
  Product Code: BLH4502A
Our Price: $29.99
Carbon Fiber Main Rotor Blades   Aluminum Main Blade Grips
Aluminum Swashplate    
Product Code: BLH4510A
Our Price: $35.99
Blade 300 X Aluminum Swashplate    

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