Blade 130 X R/C Helicopter

Now you are ready to see what flying an R/C helicopter is all about. The Blade 130 X feels like you are flying a much larger R/C helicopter with its stability and precision. The X at the end of the 130 means that this R/C helicopter is flybarless. Flybarless R/C helicopters are tuned more for sport flying. The AS3X flybarless system is a flight stabilization method that improves all around responsiveness and control. The strong brushless 6730Kv motor powers both the main blades and the tail blade. Strong lightweight carbon fiber construction that not only adds great strength, but makes the Blade 130 X look every bit as sleak as any larger sport R/C helicopter.

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Blade 130 X Features:

Skill Level: Intermediate or Advanced
12 Inches in Length
2 Inches in Width
4.8 Inches in Height
3.77 Ounces Flying Weight
Flybarless Sport Flyer
Intermediate or Advanced Skill Level
BNF - Transmitter Not Included

Blade 130 X Performance

First Blade R/C helicopter that has a brushless motor system right out of the box. Brushless is more efficient and the power generated is much higher than a brushed system. Less moving parts enable longevity of the motor and eliminates the need for extra brushed parts. This R/C helicopter is for an intermediate or advanced heli pilot. If you can fly the Blade mCP X with confidence, you can fly this. Consider the 130 X an upgrade to the mCP X.

Very well built head to handle the extra head speed from the flybarless system and brushless motor. 3D collective pitch powerful R/C helicopter that can perform as well as a 400 class helicopter. Don't let the small size fool you, this is a powerful little heli. The tail is collective pitch too, its pitch changes instead of the speed to keep your heading. Be sure to check out the Blade 130 X video to see what the Blade 130 X is all about!








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