Blade 130 X Parts, Upgrades and Transmitters

The Blade 130 X performs flips, rolls, circuits and other 3D flying manuevers. Its power is quite impressive. The only drawback is that a lot of your crashes will be more violent than in other less powerful R/C helicopters. Even though the the Blade 130 X is built tough, you will need to purchase a part from time to time. Even if you don't crash, you should have an extra set of main blades and LiPo battery so you can fly while the other battery is charging. Like all Blade R/C helicopters, Blade 130 X parts and upgrades are inexpensive and easy to install.

Blade 130 X parts below that are no longer available are not clickable.

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Blade 130 X Parts

Tail Linkage Pushrod   Tail Pushrod Support
Product Code: BLH3720
Our Price: $4.49
  Product Code: BLH3721
Our Price: $2.69
Tail Linkage   Tail Pushrod Support
Vertical Fin   Tail Rotor
Product Code: BLH3724
Our Price: $2.69
  Product Code: BLH3733
Our Price: $2.69
Blade 130 X Vertical Fin   Blade 130 X Tail Rotor
Tail Case Set   Torque Tube
Product Code: BLH3725
Our Price: $2.99
  Product Code: BLH3719
Our Price: $3.59
Tail Case   130 X Torque Tube
Tail Servo Boom Mount   Blade 130 X Screw Set
Product Code: BLH3723
Our Price: $2.69
  Product Code: BLH3737
Our Price: $3.59
Servo Mount   Screws for the Blade 130 X
Blade 130 X Tail Gear   Blade 130 X Main Gear
Product Code: BLH3736
Our Price: $3.59
  Product Code: BLH3703
Our Price: $3.59
Tail Gear Set and Collar   Main Gear
Tail Boom Brace Support   Main Rotor Hub
Product Code: BLH3718
Our Price: $4.04
  Product Code: BLH3711
Our Price: $4.04
Tail Boom Brace   Main Rotor Hub
Tail Shaft w/Hub   Blade 130 X Landing Gear
Product Code: BLH3731
Our Price: $4.99
  Product Code: BLH3706
Our Price: $5.39
Tail Shaft with Hub   Landing Gear
Tail Boom   Servo Pushrod Set
Product Code: BLH3717
Our Price: $5.39
  Product Code: BLH3708
Our Price: $5.39
Tail Boom   Servo Pushrods
Tail Rotor Pitch Lever   4x7x2 Bearing
Product Code: BLH3726
Our Price: $6.29
  Product Code: BLH3704
Our Price: $6.29
Pitch Lever Set   Bearings
1.5x4x1.12 Bearing   1.5x4x2 Bearing
Product Code: BLH3727
Our Price: $6.29
  Product Code: BLH3734
Our Price: $6.29
Bearings   Bearings
1.5x4x2 Flanged Bearing   Feathering Spindle w/O-Rings
Product Code: BLH3730
Our Price: $6.29
  Product Code: BLH3712
Our Price: $7.99
Flanged Bearings   Feathering Spindle
Canopy Mounts   Carbon Fiber Main Shaft
Product Code: BLH3705
Our Price: $7.19
  Product Code: BLH3709
Our Price: $8.99
Canopy Mounts   Main Shaft
Tail Blade Grips   Blade 130 X Main Frame
Product Code: BLH3732
Our Price: $8.99
  Product Code: BLH3702
Our Price: $8.99
Tail Blade Grips   Main Frame
Fast Flight Main Rotor Blades   High Performance Main Rotor Blades
Product Code: BLH3715
Our Price: $9.89
  Product Code: BLH3716
Our Price: $9.89
Main Blades Fast Flight   Hi-Performance Main Blades
Tail Rotor Pitch Control   Tail Gears
Product Code: BLH3728
Our Price: $10.79
  Product Code: BLH3729
Our Price: $11.24
Tail Pitch Control   Tail Gear Set
Swashplate   Main Blade Grips
Product Code: BLH3710
Our Price: $11.69
  Product Code: BLH3714
Our Price: $12.34
Swashplate   Main Rotor Blade Grips
Blade 130 X Canopy   300mAh 7.4V LiPo Battery
Product Code: BLH3722
Our Price: $13.49
  Product Code: EFLB3002S35
Our Price: $19.79
Canopy   Blade 130 X Battery
Long Throw Servo   Tail Servo
Product Code: SPMSH2040L
Our Price: $16.99
  Product Code: SPMSH2040T
Our Price: $16.99
2.9 Gram Long Throw Servo   2.9 Gram Tail Servo
AC to DC Power Supply   LiPo Battery Charger
Product Code: EFLC4000
Our Price: $19.99
  Product Code: EFLUC1007
Our Price: $29.99
12V Power Supply   Battery Charger
Brushless Main Motor   3 in 1 Control Unit
Product Code: BLH3707
Our Price: $39.99
  Product Code: BLH3701
Our Price: $84.99
Main Motor   Control Unit

Blade 130 X Upgrades

Orange Tail Blade   Green Tail Blade
Product Code: BLH3733OR
Our Price: $2.69
  Product Code: BLH3733GR
Our Price: $2.69
Orange Tail Rotor Blade   Green Tail Blade
Yellow Tail Blade   Orange Main Blades
Product Code: BLH3733YE
Our Price: $2.69
  Product Code: BLH3716OR
Our Price: $10.99
Yellow Tail Rotor Blade   Orange Main Rotor Blades
Green Main Blades   Yellow Main Blades
Product Code: BLH3716GR
Our Price: $10.99
  Product Code: BLH3716YE
Our Price: $9.89
Green Main Rotor Blades   Yellow Main Rotor Blades
Metal Bevel Gears   White Landing Gear Set
Product Code: BLH3735
Our Price: $13.49
  Product Code: BLH3706W
Our Price: $5.99
Metal Bevel Gears   White Landing Gear
Blue/White Canopy   Red/Yellow Canopy
Product Code: BLH3722A
Our Price: $13.49
  Product Code: BLH3722B
Our Price: $13.49
Blue and White Canopy   Red and Yellow Canopy

Blade 130 X Transmitters

Spektrum DX6i Remote Control   Spektrum DX7s Remote Control
Product Code: SPMR6610
Our Price: $159.99
  Product Code: SPMR7800
Our Price: $249.99
Blade 130 X Remote Control   DX7s Transmitter
Spektrum DX8 Remote Control   Spektrum DX18 Remote Control
Product Code: SPMR8800
Our Price: $349.99
  Product Code: SPM18000
Our Price: $517.49
Spektrum DX8 MD2   DX18 Transmitter

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