Blade 120 SR

The Blade 120 SR is only 12.5" in length and is modeled after the Blade mSR X . The Blade 120 SR, even though a micro r/c helicopter, is still larger and heavier than the mSR X which is a sub mcro R/C helicopter. This makes it possible to fly outdoors withy little wind, but still small enough to fly indoors in a confined space. The single rotor fixed pitch model and a full array of replacement parts makes this a great first time R/C helicopter to learn to fly with little impact on your wallet. Although choosing a sub micro helicopter to start with is recommended. A unique coreless tail motor system, and brushed main motor really adds the needed stability for first time flyers.

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Blade 120 SR Features:

12.5" in Length
12.5" Main Blade Diameter
3.75 oz Flying Weight
Fixed Pitch Great for Beginners
Easily Installed Replacement Parts
Ready to Fly
Comes with or without Remote Control

The Blade 120 SR feels like you are flying a larger version of the mSR X. This is basically the case, however years of making sub micro r/c helicopters, beginnng with the mCX, has enabled sub micro Blade R/C helicopters to get easier to fly. The workmanship, technology, and even looks get better with each new micro and sub micro Blade R/C helicopter.





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