Blade 120 SR Parts & Accessories

Blade 120 SR parts and accessories are below. As more parts or upgrades become availiable, we will post them below. This is a tough micro R/C helicopter. As you know, it can survive a lot crashes. The most common part that is replaced is the landing skid. Perhaps you should purchase an extra pair just in case. Most of the time, I find myself purchasing the main blades for my other Blade R/C helicopters as they become chipped frequently. I have not had that problem with the Blade 120 SR as of yet. Here is a link to the Blade 120 SR manual in case you misplaced it.

Blade 120 SR parts below that are not clickable are currently out of stock.

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Blade 120 SR Parts

Blade 120 SR Main Rotor Blades   500mAh LiPo Battery
Product Code: BLH3116
Our Price: $6.29
  Product Code: EFLB5001S
Our Price: $9.99
Main Blades   120 SR Battery
AC/DC Power Supply   Celectra Variable Rate LiPo Charger
Product Code: EFLC1005
Our Price: $17.09
  Product Code: EFLC1006
Our Price: $24.29
6V 1.5 amp Power Supply   1S 3.7 Variable Rate Charger
Blade 120 SR Remote Control   Replacement Servo Mechanics
Product Code: EFLH1064
Our Price: $42.49
  Product Code: BLH1066B
Our Price: $8.99
4 Channel Transmitter   Servo
5 in 1 Control Unit   Tail Boom w/Motor Mount
Product Code: BLH3101
Our Price: $71.99
  Product Code: BLH3102
Our Price: $15.29
120 SR Control Unit   Replacement Tail Boom
Main Motor w/Pinion   Landing Skid
Product Code: BLH3103
Our Price: $11.69
  Product Code: BLH3104
Our Price: $4.49
Blade 120 SR Motor   Landing Gear
Main Frame w/Screws   Main Gear
Product Code: BLH3105
Our Price: $7.19
  Product Code: BLH3106
Our Price: $3.14
Main Frame w/Hardware   Main Gear
Main Shaft Carbon Fiber   Servo Pushrod Set
Product Code: BLH3107
Our Price: $8.99
  Product Code: BLH3108
Our Price: $3.86
Shaft w/Hardware   Pushrods
Swashplate   Anti Rotation Collar
Product Code: BLH3109
Our Price: $8.99
  Product Code: BLH3110
Our Price: $3.14
Precision Swashplate   Collar w/Hardware
Mixing Flybar   Main Rotor Hub
Product Code: BLH3111
Our Price: $4.49
  Product Code: BLH3112
Our Price: $3.50
Mixing Flybar   Rotor Hub w/Hardware
Feathering Spindle w/O-Rings   Main Blade Grips
Product Code: BLH3113
Our Price: $2.69
  Product Code: BLH3114
Our Price: $4.04
Feathering Spindle w/O-Rings and Bushings   Main Propeller Grips
Rotor Head Linkage Set   5 in 1 Control Unit Cover
Product Code: BLH3115
Our Price: $2.96
  Product Code: BLH3127
Our Price: $2.69
Linkage Set   5 in 1 Unit Cover
Tail Rotor Blade   Blade 120 SR Canopy w/Grommets
Product Code: BLH3117
Our Price: $3.14
  Product Code: BLH3118
Our Price: $11.69
Tail Blade   Canopy
Vertical Fin   Red Canopy
Product Code: BLH3120
Our Price: $3.59
  Product Code: BLH3118R
Our Price: $11.69
Vertical Fin   Blade 120 SR Red Canopy
Red Vertical Tail Fin   Canopy Mounting Grommets
Product Code: BLH3120R
Our Price: $3.59
  Product Code: BLH3121
Our Price: $3.14
Red Tail Fin   Canopy Grommets
Hardware Screws and Washers   Battery Mount
Product Code: BLH3122
Our Price: $2.69
  Product Code: BLH3123
Our Price: $3.14
120 SR Hardware   LiPo Battery Mount
Tail Motor Sleeve   Battery Adapter Lead
Product Code: BLH3125
Our Price: $3.59
  Product Code: BLH3126
Our Price: $3.59
Protective Sleeve   LiPo Adapter Lead
Main Shaft Bearing   Blade 120 SR Tail Motor
Product Code: BLH3128
Our Price: $5.39
  Product Code: BLH3129
Our Price: $11.69
Main Shaft Bearing   Tail Motor

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